DPD Connector for Magento 2

Did you know that DPD is one of the Top 3 Shipping couriers in Europe? They are successfully delivering 4.8 million packages every day. DPD Pick up stations are placed in more than 32,000 locations all over the Europe. They can deliver to 230 countries all across the World.

And you are still not using them in your Magento store? Here is a solution…

Given the continued growth of demand for DPD-Magento integration, Scandiweb has developed our own DPD – Magento 2 connector solution to help businesses fulfill their delivery needs in their customers’ most familiar ways. In this article we talk about:

  • How to configure DPD connector?
  • What is the data flow?
  • How to organize shipment flow?

We’ll also share our experience on how to enhance Magento order processing flow to minimize your company’s costs.

Connector configurations

DPD connector Pickup configuration

  • Setup all parameters which are displayed to the customer, such as shipping method title, description, confirmation message.
  • Setup shipping method logic by configuring countries where the company can deliver with current methods and rates which should be applied to the order.
  • Setup an ftp path to get an up to date list of offered Pick up terminal addresses. There’s a possibility to manually trigger a terminal list update and choose which terminal locations to display to the customer as available.

DPD connector Home delivery configuration

Has the same configuration options as DPD Pickup excluding getting and updating pickup terminal locations, as delivery will be based on customers added delivery address.

Data flow

Communication with DPD side is handled through an API with different get / response types.

What is send through the API:

  • Order data (address, buyer data, shipment type)
  • Order items

What is received through the API:

  • PDF shipping label
  • Tracking number

Create shipment request

Get shipment request

The 3 sides of Shipment flow

Customer flow

  • Place an order
  • When order is Shipped, tracking number is given

Manager flow

  • After order is placed, check if all order data is correct and payment is settled
  • Change order status to Shipped and send data to DPD
  • Request tracking number and shipping label from DPD
  • When DPD responds with tracking number and shipping label:
    – Order automatically updates with tracking number and changes status
    – Manual Shipping label printing and passing to warehouse to prepare parcel for shipment
    – Pass parcels to DPD from the warehouse
    – Change status of the order to Complete

DPD flow

  • Get order details and item list
  • Creating delivery order in internal system
  • Pass shipping label and tracking number to Magento by API
  • Takes parcels with proper shipping labels from warehouse
  • Delivers parcel to required address

Order processing enhancement

How an the order processing flow be improved?

We have experience in implementing order grid enhancement on top of DPD connector to improve order processing for big warehouses with a mass order flow.

  • Order Shipping – No need to go into each particular order to ship it and enter tracking number manually for each separate order, you can do it from the grid
  • Shipping label printing – Just choose required orders in a grid and print all their shipping labels in one batch
  • Mass order status change – Change order statuses in batches from the order grid

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