eCOM360 2020: theme announcement

We are happy to announce that eCOM360 theme is now official:


No coincidences here. This year we will continue building on the foundation lain in 2019, and go for another round of outstanding performances by some of the industry’s forefronters. Business, marketing, design & tech practitioners representing some major players in the business today, will gather in Riga to share their experience, expertise and real-life case studies. 

With participants representing Lego, SAP and Wish, to name a few – the event is a must for those who are serious about learning first-hand what made the digital presence of these businesses phenomenal. 

Looking to redefine & improve your digital strategy? Need a head-start to make your business stand out from the competition? Join us for eCOM360 2020, and use this unique opportunity to get an in-depth look at the challenges, approaches and solutions underlying major international business success stories.

The date is set, and the tickets are available here: – come check for the best current price offers!

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