Moose Knuckles mobile conversion increased by 55% after migration to Magento 2 and UX facelift

This project is a result of collaboration with our strategic partner, leSite.


After migration to Magento 2 Cloud Commerce, Moose Knuckles experiences improved performance, increased user engagement, and greater sales. 

  • 88% traffic increase
  • 55% mobile conversion increase
  • 146% YOY revenue increase for the promotional long weekend


Moose Knuckles is a Canadian fashion brand, widely recognized as a leader in the premium sportswear industry. Originally established as a family business in 1921, the brand was founded in 2009 and has since been on a mission to make the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear in the world. Today their apparel is represented in approx 1000 stores worldwide and is often spotted worn by influencers and celebrities.


Moose Knuckles needed an eCommerce store to support their high growth ambitions and busy launch schedule. The premise was to migrate their existing website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Cloud Commerce, with additional upgrades for improved performance, functionality, and UX. The site had to be ready before Black Friday 2019, which gave the developer team 3.5 months to deliver the project.

Our objectives included:

  • Create a modern, appealing, full-featured eCommerce website
  • Unify and optimize inventory management flow
  • Improve overall site performance
  • Facilitate both traffic and sales increase
  • Improve UI for better customer experience
  • Develop a device-agnostic UX to match various customer profiles.


Working in close sync with both the client and leSite team, our developer team devised a set of requirements and identified the principal project benchmarks.


Given the scale and the dynamic nature of the website, we chose delta migration as our chief approach. First, full data migration was done from M1 to M2.3 Cloud, and later the delta migration was performed during the go-live. We duplicated the original functionality and made the necessary changes on the new platform.

Integrations / Customizations

In order for the website to achieve the desired results, default Magento functionality had to be extended with a number of integrations and customized features.

These include:

  • Momentis ERP integration – a fashion-centric solution for fluent inventory management
  • Riskified integration – to enhance the customer journey, and secure conversion increase
  • Custom Magento theme development – to enable the planned UI upgrade implementation
  • Scandiweb store locator module development – to support a total list of nearly 1000 retailers worldwide
  • Magento Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) configuration, and inventory migration from multiple sources and sales channels into a single location.


Within 3.5 months we were able to deliver a powerful contemporary website that instantly gives Moose Knuckles a competitive advantage in their eCom segment. With improvements across all key areas, some of the highlights include:


Inventory management has been set up to facilitate the company’s aggressive growth strategy and fast-paced marketing. This translates not only to streamlined back-end functionality but also to customer-facing elements such as the Scandiweb store locator feature.


Catalog and product pages were updated with bigger images and better-structured product information. Overall UX has improved thanks to both better performance of Magento 2 Cloud Commerce, and the additional integrations/custom developments introduced by our team.

Traffic / Conversions 

The site was launched just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019, allowing to uncover the full potential of the new store.

Both traffic and conversions showed a considerable increase compared to previous periods.

Key measurable highlights include:

  • 88% traffic increase
  • 55% mobile conversion increase
  • 146% YOY revenue increase for the promotional long weekend.

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