PPC Case Study: Lee-Sport® Cuts Cost per Conversion by 30%

The collaboration with the PPC team is pleasant and efficient. All steps are documented in a comprehensible way, communication is clear and monitoring is effective. In case of conspicuous data, there is in-depth research,  suggestions and efficient problem solving. Big thanks to Berkay Alp and his team!

Dan Lee
CEO, Lee-Sport®


Lee-Sport® is a registered Swiss trademark. They are dedicated to producing well-thought-out dietary and sports supplements based on high-grade raw materials. Certified organic since 2015, their main priorities are naturalness, superior product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Having tried to manage their campaigns internally by various means, including ad automation tools, Lee-Sport® partnered up with Scandiweb looking for help in consolidating their paid ad campaign efforts. 


Historically, their main source of revenue has been protein products and sports supplements. However, due to the anti-COVID restrictions and consecutive closure of gyms, most of these products’ sales dropped significantly. 

Objectives and expectations

The client was open to letting us use our own judgment in order to change their situation for the better. Therefore, our team was granted the freedom to experiment with different methods and approaches to achieve the optimal result. 

Our main objectives for the project included the following:

  • In-depth market research
  • Understanding of the business
  • Understanding of the target audience
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Correct campaign setup
  • Proper campaign management
  • Increasing conversion rate, CTR, ROAS, revenue
  • Decreasing bounce rate and cost per conversion.

Our approach

In close communication with the client, we devised an approach based on:

  • Understanding their business model, goals, and needs 
  • Developing both short-term and long-term strategy 
  • Looking for growth opportunities and aligning the campaigns with these findings
  • Regular revision & analysis of the account and campaign performance
  • Coordinating our efforts in a way to facilitate increased ROAS and revenue.

We focused on Search and Shopping campaigns as the main areas of improvement

The main KPIs to keep track of were:

  • ROAS 
  • Conversion rate 
  • Revenue 
  • CTR 
  • Conversions.

Based on these criteria, our team has worked towards turning the Lee-Sport® account into an efficient and profitable paid media channel, using Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads.


Within the first 6 months after launching the project, the most notable YOY improvements included:

  • Clicks: +53.99%
  • Avg. CPC: -26.71%
  • Cost / conv.: -29.98%
  • Conversions: +61.18%
  • Conversion rate: +4.67%.

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