Web development, informed by a half-a-century of business experience

This project is a result of collaboration with our strategic partner, leSite.


Magento upgrade paired with a number of custom developments turns Questmark’s corporate website into a modern full-featured eCommerce hub, compliant with the company’s strategic vision. A business half-a-century old is now well equipped for challenges of the future with:

  • Updated functionality
  • Integration in a broader service ecosystem
  • Intuitive customer interface
  • Easy site maintenance


Questmark are leaders in the flooring industry, catering to a variety of sectors – from education and retail to industrial and traffic sectors. A division of CentiMark Corporation, Questmark headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, USA, with a network of 18 specialized flooring offices throughout North America.

The company has been in the commercial flooring business for over 52 years. Their main focus is on the installation and maintenance of polished concrete and epoxy floor systems.


Questmark were looking to remodel their existing Magento 2 website to serve as a foundation for their entire eCom platform. The new solution had to provide a number of technical improvements, ensure better customer experience, and position the company as a leader in its key marketplaces, both B2C and B2B.

Our objectives included:

  • Create a strong web presence for the company
  • Extend website functionality
  • Ensure connectivity with external services
  • Improve customer experience
  • Simplify site maintenance for back-end users


Magento upgrade 

To enable full support for the desired features and functionality, we upgraded the original Questmark website to Magento 2.2.3.

The majority of the implemented modules weren’t fit to use with the newer version of Magento, thus, some dev hours were spent to secure module compatibility across the board.

Besides that, we conveyed a full code audit of the website and made the necessary technical improvements based on the findings.

Improvements & new features

Once the upgrade was completed and a blank Magento theme developed, we proceeded with adding the necessary features and integrations.

To support Questmark’s intended business model, we integrated and adjusted the following services:

  • SAP ERP 
  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Punchout
  • FedEx
  • CH Robinson
  • PunchOut2Go

Furthermore, we used heavily customized Scandiweb-built Magento extensions to enable easy content management for the following pages/modules:

  • Store Locator
  • Flooring module
  • Industries module
  • Services module


The project went live in 3 months. The result is a modern, full-featured, mobile-friendly website that explicitly represents the scope, the philosophy, and the full range of services provided by the industry’s leading company.


Navigation is made easy, thanks to effective content clustering via dedicated site modules, and intuitive page layout. Search functionality is enhanced with Elasticsearch integration. 

Magento 2.2.3 upgrade with a strong emphasis on creating a mobile-friendly interface has led to the overall improvement in site usability.

Site maintenance

Full integration of SAP ERP simplifies site maintenance and contributes to higher data transparency. Content management has been streamlined through the use of Scandiweb extensions, customized specifically for the project.

Business vision 

B2B enabled and well-integrated in a broader service ecosystem, the website is now equipped to realize Questmark’s business vision, serving as a central point of their eCommerce platform.

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