Cervera Switches to a Single-Page Application (SPA)

Cervera underwent a digital transformation and got a fast-loading site, with offline browsing


  • Moving to a headless CMS which is scalable, content-oriented, and could be used in any digital system: website, applications, social, etc
  • Migration of content from the existing website to a new application without interrupting the site workflow and losing data
  • Migration of all integrations and adding new ones, such as machine learning for personalized search results, etc
  • Elimination of legacy systems that were blocking the business growth
  • Migration to a cloud infrastructure
  • Proof of Concept deployed to minor market, with further expansion to larger ones
  • Creation of new websites for new markets


Cervera is a retailer of high-quality kitchenware, home decorations, and gifts. Cervera has more than 70 retail stores (own stores and franchise) throughout Sweden, as well as an online store in Sweden and since the spring of 2018 – in Norway
All back-end modules are written in .NET as stand-alone microservices
Headless Sanity CMS introduced for content management
Overhaul for the existing markets (Sweden and Norway) and expansion to a new market (Finland)


Fast and flexible redesigned storefront (React, Typescript)
New headless CMS built on React.js that has close to unlimited customization possibilities for satisfying any business needs
New AI-powered search engine that provides personalized search results for the best shopping experience
All third-party systems were moved and integrated with the new systems through a middleware (eCommerce engine, CRM, product recommendations service, reviews service, marketing automation, etc.)