Retail Growth & Optimization

Customized growth program for leading kitchenware retaile

+745.72 revenue


mobile revenue


  • Complete optimization package
  • A/B testing program tailored to the goals and requirements of Cervera
  • Robust data tracking implementation crucial to ensuring that data collected can be trusted
  • Data visualization for KPI monitoring and reporting to derive actionable insights
  • Extensive qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Shopping funnel optimization—from marketing campaign launch to 'Thank you' page
  • Close communication with the client and regular reporting
  • Monthly summary report with all completed tasks and their results


Established in 1987, Cervera is Sweden's leading player in the kitchen and home products sector with strong eCommerce presence and around 70 physical stores in the country
New fast and flexible redesigned storefront for Sweden, Norway, and Finland

A/B testing to find which eCommerce personalization platform produced better results - Nosto wins over competitor by

  • 14.72% in product list clicks
  • 29.18% in add-to-cart rates
  • 36.53% in unique purchases
Rapid identification and resolution of "low hanging fruits" to deliver immediate value
Enhanced digital analytics setup ensuring that business decisions are made based on insights from reliable data
A/B testing to identify which product badge approach and discount display option will have higher CTRs


73.32% increase in add-to-cart rate after landing page revamp
78% win-rate for A/B testing program
148% increase in mobile revenue after fixing "low-hanging fruits"
745.72% revenue increase from cart abandonment emails