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Case Study: All-Green Core Web Vitals and 92.31% Boost in Mobile Conversions

Slow Cosmetique, a sustainable skincare and cosmetics brand, set out to improve its mobile user experience, update its website, and get ready for expanding into new markets. 

This case study details how a strategic overhaul of a website’s design, a focus on mobile user experience, and a move towards advanced platform capabilities led to remarkable results, including a significant boost in mobile conversion rates and an expansion into new market territories.

Business needs and goals

Enhance mobile experience and conversion rate

The project aimed to significantly enhance the mobile user experience. It targeted increasing the mobile conversion rate, recognizing the growing trend of mobile shopping. The goal was to make the mobile interface more intuitive and engaging, thereby aligning its performance more closely with that of the desktop.

Redesign and improve website performance

In parallel, there was a strong emphasis on redesigning and improving the website’s performance. This involved a complete overhaul of the website’s frontend, aiming to refresh its look and feel to be more contemporary and appealing to users. The integration of social commerce and loyalty features was another key aspect of this goal, intended to increase customer retention and enhance the Lifetime Value (LTV) of each user. Additionally, there was a critical need to improve the website’s performance and Core Web Vitals. This improvement was particularly relevant in light of Google’s move to Mobile Only indexing, underscoring the necessity of a responsive and efficient mobile web presence.

Upgrade platform and prepare for market expansion

Lastly, the project encompassed a strategic move in platform migration and market expansion. The migration from Magento 1.9 was a crucial step that needed to be executed without causing any disruptions to the ongoing operations. This transition was both a technical upgrade and a strategic move to prepare the website for future scalability. Alongside this, there was a plan to equip the website with multi-store and multilingual capabilities. This expansion strategy was aimed at penetrating new markets, thereby broadening the reach and influence of the business in the global marketplace.

Approach and solutions

To align the solutions with the project’s goals of enhancing user experience and expanding market presence, a focused methodology was implemented. The primary approach to improving the website’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) involved a systematic process.

Testing and analysis

The first step was to test the website’s performance scores across different pages such as the Home page, Product Listing Page (PLP), Product Detail Page (PDP), and the Blog. This testing provided a baseline to identify areas needing improvement.

Targeted optimization

Following the analysis, specific elements on each page—including images, fonts, JavaScript, CSS, placeholders, and script execution—were optimized. This step was crucial for enhancing the user experience by improving loading times, interactivity, and visual stability.

Evaluation and adjustment

After applying potential fixes, the impact on the CWV scores was reassessed. This iterative process ensured that changes positively affected user experience. Effective improvements were retained, while any changes that did not yield desired results were reverted.

Continuous improvement

This cycle of testing, applying fixes, evaluating results, and making adjustments was repeated continuously. The objective was to incrementally enhance the user experience, ensuring the website was not only more engaging and user-friendly but also performed well on technical metrics.

This approach directly contributed to making the website more appealing and efficient for users, thereby supporting the goal of expanding the client’s market presence by attracting and retaining a wider, international audience.


Successfully transitioning to a new, more efficient hosting solution significantly enhanced the website’s performance and reliability.

A comprehensive redesign of the website modernized its appearance and improved user navigation, leading to a more intuitive and engaging user experience.

Focusing heavily on the mobile experience led to a threefold increase in mobile conversion rates compared to desktop. Notably, mobile conversion rates experienced a significant increase of approximately 92.31%, thereby significantly enhancing the customer experience on mobile devices.

Significant improvements were made in the site’s performance metrics and Core Web Vitals, a critical step in maintaining organic traffic in light of the upcoming Google Mobile-Only indexing.

All-green CWV for mobile
All-green CWV for desktop

Seamless migration from Magento 1.9 ensured no disruption to online operations, playing a crucial role in maintaining and improving site security and functionality.

Integrating social commerce and loyalty features into the redesigned frontend resulted in increased customer retention and LTV. 

A scalable backend platform was developed, enabling the seamless addition of other websites, laying the groundwork for future expansion stages. Additionally, the platform was enhanced to support B2B operations, opening up new avenues for business growth and collaboration.

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