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Shape your eCommerce delivery roadmap with our know-how on 500+ delivered projects and day-to-day involvement in the eCommerce businesses grossing over 1B+. Here are the examples of our competence illustrated by the cases of some of our clients across different industries.
2-year market expansion strategy to five new markets for a top sports accessories retailer
2-year strategy aimed at revenue increase from 10M to 20M for a leading food supplements retailer
1-year content delivery optimization plan for a high-end touchscreen producer
Reduction plan on maintenance for cutting cost on licensing by x2 for a garden furniture producer
Market research and delivery plan for expanding to three new markets for a beauty accessories producer
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Why eCommerce businesses choose Scandiweb

Feeling vague about your eCommerce future? Together with Scandiweb experts, you’ll find the answers to the trickiest questions about the direction your business should evolve and find the ways to reach your most ambitious business goals.
Without strategic roadmap and defined deliverables
Business and tech alignment
Incoherent and fragmented
Delivery plan
Sporadic, with vague deadlines and indistinct tech delivery
Expansion strategy
Absent or poorly defined, with no clear focus
eCommerce ecosystem
Cumbersome, unable to evolve and adapt
CRO and UX workflows
Unoptimized and unattended
With Scandiweb experts contributing to your success
Long-term and cohesive
Clear, in line with business goals, tech delivery, and precise deadlines
Well-defined, with internationalization plan and dev, SEO, CRO & UX activities in place
Flexible, instantly evolving, with modern tech stack and integrations
Optimized and streamlined

We craft strategic eCommerce roadmaps the right way

Business-focused and long-term
Solely focused on the business goals, written in business language, and targeting a 2-5 year delivery plan
Transparent and to the point
All the exhaustive information is put on a single A4 sheet and is easy to scan and understand—no irrelevant info or fluff
Covering all parts of the ecosystem
Encompassing all eCom ecosystem, including all elements like a website, integrations, expansion, etc.
We detect market expansion opportunities based on the results of your business’s analysis
Vision-charged and ambition-fueled
The strategy and deliverables are fully tailored to your brand’s identity, vision, and ambitions

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Your strategic eCommerce roadmap put into action in 5 steps

Scanning and benchmarking
Analysis of your industry’s specifics, brand identity, revenue generation process, etc. Benchmarking to industry trends, cases, and best practices
Syncing on the details
Kick-off meeting to get the info on your long-term goals, current needs, business model, vision, and the current company matrix
Strategic eCom roadmap creation
Crafting your strategic eCom roadmap for the next 2-5 years based on the joint effort from tech, SEO, CRO, BA, UX & PPC teams
Roadmap sign-off
Final sync on the roadmap, alignment with your team. Initiating the sign-off of the roadmap
Roadmap implementation
Instant updates and
transformation of strategic goals into a detailed delivery plan, with quarter revision and alignment on next goals

See a real-life example

A strategic roadmap for a world-leading touchscreen producer

Scandiweb has helped us greatly to understand an implement our ecommerce platform on Magento.
Head of News Agency Applications
Erik Klepper
Scandiweb proved to be a good fit and we are very happy with the commitment and dedication from both our team and the company
Team Lead / PO at Happysocks
Victor Emilson
We have performed  projects with Scandiweb and to be honest is a pleasure to work with them!
eCommerce Manager
Marc Muntané
We have been increasingly impressed with Scandiweb since we began working with them on our website.
Director of IT
Jimmy Yoon
PUMA on ScandiPWA has 3 – 4 times better performance than any other site in the group.
Chief Architect
Jason Barney
Working with Scandiweb has been a positive experience, they have consistently kept their timelines and have competent people with the technical expertise to finish the job..
Director of IT
Jón H. Bartels

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