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What do businesses get with
headless eCommerce architecture?

Scalability and deployment
No need to change everything at once. Swiftly update particular front-end channels or single elements and keep up with the competition
Page loading speed
Get a powerful storefront in the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA), with a page loading speed of under 1 sec across all front-end channels
Developers approach sections of their existing stack on a selective basis in headless—this makes debugging and testing easier, eliminating potential issues in the future
Top dev talents
Headless is crafted with the use of the latest JavaScript libraries and frameworks, making it easier to onboard specialists with up-to-date dev knowledge and experience
Omnichannel customer experience
In headless, business logic and functionalities are more adaptable to context, e.g visitor and device type, browser type, etc. Give customers exactly what they want swiftly at any time and on any device
Optimized conversions
Better user experience leads to customer satisfaction, higher conversions, and revenue growth—that's exactly what you get by going headless

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