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User Experience
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Data & Analytics
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Adobe Commerce Cloud
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Data & Integrations
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Account Management 
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Regional leader
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Community lead
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Good team work makes good score




The Scandiweb CRO team is super-professional, and we are happy working closely with them


They helped us rethink and redesign our corporate website from scratch


The Scandiweb SEO team helped us achieve exceptional results


Working with Scandiweb has been a game-changer for our PPC marketing


Scandiweb dev team is very adept at creating high-quality specifications and finding solutions


The collaboration with the PPC team is pleasant and efficient, and monitoring is effective


We are very satisfied with the work on SEO and hope to continue our collaborative work


Experienced and responsive. A true partner whose expertise we rely on for our toughest tech projects


The UX team had very professional input, quick responses, and a clear strategy


Over the past year, the Scandiweb CRO team has been an integral part of our growth process


Scandiweb's willingness to tackle the project no matter how complex brought the envisioned results


I am happy with the SEO team's result and speed + communication is very easy


They took effort to analyze the best UX practices in the market and provided insightful inputs


They’re very good at development and doing the things that need to be done


The CRO team leveraged their knowledge and technical expertise to deliver high-quality work


Scandiweb is, by far, our preferred Adobe (Magento) partner! It’s always a pleasure to work with them


I have never come across this proactive approach to PPC before from any company


The SEO team is very knowledgeable. We have been able to accomplish our goals


Flexible cooperation framework, impressive project management, and professional developers


The UX team leveraged their knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality work on time


The communication was 10/10. I would highly recommend the CRO service


We just launched 4 mobile themes and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result


Beyond enthusiasm, their PPC team shows great reactivity and professionalism


The fast and professional work from the SEO team made everything go very smooth


Scandiweb realized a pixel perfect design exactly matching our needs


Working with their professional CRO team we achieved the desired result


Scandiweb is, by far, our preferred Adobe (Magento) partner! It’s always a pleasure to work with them


All developers were professionals and worked hard to provide a solution to presented requests

A story behind everybody

Stop doing so many things and focus on a few

As a child, Davis used to believe that the past was colourless, because of old pictures and TV features being black & white. Now he’s a web developer, currently a dedicated one on the Magento 2 Topankovo project. When it comes to programming, Davis is a true polyglot with experience by the handful, and his diverse knowledge is often applied to projects at their infancy and maturity — whenever an extra pair of hands is needed the most. This versatility and high adaptability allows Davis to step into any task and get involved immediately as if it were his own project.

Davis is a man of many hobbies — he plays Dungeons & Dragons on a weekly basis, and he enjoys most light strategy tabletop games, as well as competitive video games and RPGs. Davis is a wonderful guitarist who also happens to sing in a choir. In terms of sports — he’s an active participant of the local amateur ice hockey league.

Davis appreciates the enthusiasm and competence of his co-workers — a source of inspiration for his own professional endeavours!

Everything will be just fine

Born and raised in Riga, Damirs is a developer and an indispensable part of the Scandiweb team since August 2013. Damirs is a one-man army. Currently, the sole developer tied to a big project, he’s using his multifaceted skill-set, doing everything imaginable that is related to coding. When prompted for his most valuable skill for working at Scandiweb, he does not mention the knowledge he acquired in his computer science BA studies, nor the extensive technical experience he has, having worked on numerous projects; Damirs emphasizes communication.

Damirs is an active man — running, cycling, playing football, volleyball. He has surprised himself by running a marathon — something he previously thought impossible. Taking things even further, Damirs has set his sights on conquering the highest peak in the world — Mt. Everest. The only thing standing in his way — his acrophobia. Despite considerable physical and professional achievements, the thing he considers himself best at is being a family man.

Originally drawn to Scandiweb because of technology and opportunity, he now highlights the relationships with his coworkers as the best thing about Scandiweb. And the ping-pong table, of course.

Grow a moustache ASAP!

As a child, Vadims thought he had a better grasp of the English language than he actually did, being certain that U is always pronounced as [ʌ], C as [k], A as [e], etc. So at the age of 4, Vadims and his brother proudly made a sign for their own “CURUTA” dojo — can you figure out what they meant to write? Now Vadims is a designer at Scandiweb and his responsibilities revolve primarily around video production and post-production, however, his gift for text document design is also employed at every opportunity on everything from booklets, to one-pagers to entire whitepapers! A knack for brainstorming and visual script writing are what help Vadims in his day-to-day work and these highly-developed skills of his have been polished and perfected through extensive trial & error.

Cycling; attending concerts of lesser-known underground groups; bouldering; skiing; quiz/intellectual games; board-games, favourites being Game of Thrones, Small World, Dracula, Catan, among others and; video-games, such as Borderlands and Europa Universalis — Vadims’ many interests come from constantly challenging himself to try something new and daring himself to give everything a chance!

When prompted about his favourite aspects of Scandiweb, Vadims replies concisely — the spirit of informality and the freedom of minds!

Take care of your health and don’t waste money on knick-knacks!

When Deniss was younger, his grandfather convinced him that rocks could grow when placed in water, by periodically replacing the rock in Deniss’ experiment jar with a bigger one, when he wasn’t looking. Now Deniss is a developer, primarily working on Magento eCommerce solutions. In-depth knowledge of PHP is what makes Deniss’ day easier — mostly self-taught and with a wealth of practical experience, it’s his most valuable skill put to good and constant use.

When not at his computer working or playing games, Dennis is behind the wheel. With a passion and skill for driving, Deniss loves using his car for travelling to scenic destinations and sometimes simply cruising around. A funny guy by nature, Deniss is always joking around brightening the days of his coworkers and friends!

The treatment of employees is Deniss’ favorite aspect of work at Scandiweb — there’s always an open ear to any problems one might have and management is constantly striving to make the atmosphere as open and inclusive as possible.

Invest in SWcoin!

When he was younger, Rolands wanted to become Batman, but his life took him in another direction and he became the next best thing — Scandiweb’s Support Department director/Project Manager. With his day-to-day consisting of team guidance, client on-boarding, and cooperation, as well as invoice and support finance management, Rolands is the backbone of the Scandiweb machine. Keeping things light is a necessary skill when providing guidance for as many people as Rolands and balancing work and fun for the team and sometimes himself is what helps maintain great morale and a clear direction. Rolands’ own positive outlook, stress resistance and enviable ability for long-term multitasking are what help him excel in his duties!

Not one to sit on his hands, Rolands enjoys all sorts of activities during his free time, from physical ones, such as cycling and SUPping, to more travel related ones, such as going on road trips and generally wandering around and exploring Latvia.

Rolands’ favorite thing about Scandiweb is the freedom of taking responsibility, or, in other words, proactivity is encouraged and rewarded. If you have a great idea or project, you will find the support necessary to realize and implement it!

More radical self-expression and inclusion!

As a child, Glebs believed he could control fire. Playing with matches and performing tricks, Glebs was keen to prove to people his amazing ability to command the flames- no matter how many burns it took. No longer a firestarter, Glebs is now one of Scandiweb’s Co-CEOs, overseeing the Marketing and Analytics department. His day-to-day activities include improving workflows, team management, and identifying new clients and opportunities. However, being a Co-CEO goes well beyond the day-to-day, and you’ll often find Glebs involved in all sorts of projects, from organizing ScandiFest to power-ups, project work and even midnight client-calls! Whilst he possesses a wealth of technical knowledge, it is Gleb’s knack of adding a creative spin to things that makes him a crucial part of the Scandiweb team.

To keep on top of a demanding schedule, Glebs makes sure to put aside at least 30 minutes each day for sport or exercise, be it working out, swimming or Crossfit. Indeed, Glebs adopts a ‘Crossfit’ approach to hobbies in general! He is keen to try his hand at just about anything and often encourages friends or family to try exciting activities or exotic new culinary experiences.

For Glebs, working at Scandiweb offers opportunity without constraints, and a chance to work with some amazing, talented people. If you work hard here, there’s no limit to your potential!

Develop healthy habits. Read educational books. Learn from happy people.

As a child, Reinis used to believe that Santa’s helpers stalk kids to check up on their behaviour, which is how Santa knows who’s naughty and who’s nice. Now he’s a Senior CRO and data analyst, as well as the team-lead of Scandiweb’s Marketing department! Responsible for managing the team, business optimization, SEO, analytics data tracking setup and analysis, he is the key driving force behind the Marketing department’s success! An analytical mindset, a hang for problem-solving, high adaptability and quick learning — Reinis is the paragon of marketing experts!

Football has a special place in Reinis’ heart — he has been playing for over 14 years and likes to follow it as well! He also likes to take part in some extreme sports, such as snowboarding and wakeboarding. To relax — a good stand-up show or a trip to nature will do the trick!

Reinis’ favourite thing about Scandiweb is the attitude: there’s both a “start-up” culture, which brings about a dynamic and light work environment, despite this being an established company with a rich past, and there’s an attitude of “Nothing’s impossible” — we constantly take on and execute big challenges!

Take off your mascara before going to bed!

As a child growing up in Livani, Renate used to believe that people in the capital, Riga, spoke a different language from the rest of Latvia! Now she’s a Developer, mostly working on Magento 2 backend tasks, meaning her days are filled with PHP programming. When prompted for the most useful skill that helps her with her daily duties, Renate highlights patience — crucial for surmounting difficult tasks and excelling in communication both with clients, as well as her colleagues. A bubbling, clever and funny person, Renate is a great team-player in terms of both helpfulness, as well as group morale upkeep!

Being a lively individual, Renate’s interests are equally colourful. From closely following the latest news and happenings in online pop culture to ordering weird plant seeds from eBay and seeing what grows out of them — her latest experiment being mimosa pudica (aka the shy plant), there is rarely a dull moment with Renate. In fact, her friends would confirm this, since she’s always getting them involved in her adventures!

A borderline intimate friend of the office coffee machine, Renate mentions the working environment as one of her favourite things about Scandiweb. Another is her colleagues — they’re a friendly, supportive and lighthearted group of people!

Relax! In 10 years time, Scandiweb will be unimaginably amazing

As a child, Antons sometimes felt that life is a giant TV show that was playing out right in front of him. Now, as CEO, Antons’ day-to-day is subject to the needs of the company, clients and markets. Long-term planning, attracting newcomers, engaging employees, solving problems — it is crucial to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve, otherwise, the future will consist of putting out fires, rather than progressing! Approachable, understanding and always leading by example, Antons has created an incredible working environment reflecting these very values — a foundation of Scandiweb’s success and the incredible employee satisfaction!

A family man through and through, Antons regards his wife and three children as the greatest accomplishments of his life and loves spending time with them whenever possible. In terms of active pastimes, Antons has a passion for kitesurfing — a sport he has been partaking in for many years!

When prompted about the favorite aspects of his own company, Antons replies that it’s the incredible adventures we go on together. Be it setting world records, organizing crazy challenges for ScandiFest, daytime beachside or late-night bar-based brainstorming sessions, Scandiweb likes to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, taking on unprecedented challenges. Thanks to Antons and Scandiweb’s incredible team, there is always a feeling, supported by previous successes, that we can take on and complete any challenge!

Keep going! Hard work pays off!

When she was 6 years old, Olga, whilst swimming, saw a snake and caught it with her bare hands, shocking her terrified friends, her worried grandparents and the unexpecting snake itself! Now she’s a digital marketing specialist, with her expertise relating to CRO/UX & Analytics. Researching websites and users, developing wireframes and creating seamless user journeys, doing digital analytics tracking set-ups and tests, as well as data analysis and more — Olga has a versatile skill set. Attentiveness, patience, and the ability to put herself in the users’ shoes are what make Olga great at her job, with the latter being an important tool in solving frustrations when it comes to user experience.

Olga enjoys travelling and finds inspiration in other cultures, nature, architecture, food — in short, new experiences. Looking for new experiences at home as well, Olga has started attending Jazz dance classes and has fallen in love with them. Another passion is photography. With a natural ability, developed through years of practice, Olga has a talent for capturing the perfect moment!

At Scandiweb, Olga is happy to have a supportive team, as well as the possibility and resources for professional growth! She’s also fond of the diversity of projects she gets to work on — from high fashion clothes to off-road cars — Olga likes to learn about the different businesses, clients and customers!

Nothing happens overnight

At a younger age, Elvis was very superstitious until he found out that black cats are actually good companions and that there is a huge gap between apparency, beliefs, and reality. From a junior web developer to a mentor, to team lead, Elvis has had a dynamic 8 years at the company and currently finds himself in the role of senior developer. His extensive knowledge is applied wherever possible — having been the first dedicated dev to be based in New York City, working on internal projects such as MageBee and Crowdbonus, and even creating multiplayer games and interactive animations, Elvis’ skillset is very sought after. Elvis is persistent by nature and considers this ability of solving problems and finding creative solutions to be of paramount importance for everyone, ranking it higher than any technical skills.

Elvis enjoys reading and listening to audiobooks on various topics, with a preference for autobiographies and books on self-development, philosophy, and religion, gaining knowledge that would be otherwise unacquirable during his lifetime. To stay in shape, Elvis likes to do mountain biking, jogging, workouts and take ice-cold showers, which combined with meditation helps him keep a healthy mind & body for a good work-life balance. Indeed, Elvis continuously strives for self-mastery and understanding. He’s also a great spy in Team Fortress 2!

Elvis enjoys the challenges Scandiweb brings on a daily basis and views them as learning opportunities both in terms of developing technical skills, as well as soft ones, such as communication and team play!

The experiences I’ve had have made me the person I am — a happy one

As a child, Lina was convinced that unicorns and other mythical creatures are real and live together in hiding from people. Now she’s a digital analytics specialist, with a diverse set of tasks, ranging from general SEO optimization work to UX improvement. The SEO environment is constantly evolving and updating, and Lina points out that being a proactive learner is what helps her succeed. Being always in the know about the latest SEO tendencies and happenings, Lina has a talent, developed through hard work and hands-on experience, for picking the best solution for a client.

Lina can’t live without books. A fervent reader, Lina is currently breezing through Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”, and highlights Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” as a personal favorite. When Lina is not reading the stories and experiences of others, she’s making her own — attending various events, hanging out with friends, always seeking fresh adventures. She’s also a hip-hop dancer — a great way to refresh the brain after a day in the office.

Lina is fond of the Atomic parties and the Scandiweb marketing team and when these two things overlap, a good time is guaranteed!

No regrets...

Born and raised in Marupe, Latvia, Klavs is a developer turned project manager. With a whole spectrum of responsibilities from overseeing the team and planning road-maps, to proposing the architecture for solutions and validating the quality of work done, Klavs expertly balances the team’s and the client’s needs, making sure everybody’s satisfied. His previous experience as a developer, in tandem with a BA in computer science, provides Klavs with a thorough understanding of the technical requirements of any project, supplementing his managerial skills.

Klavs has built his own guitar and he’s highly proficient at playing it. In fact, his job interview included demonstrating this to Antons, Scandiweb’s CEO, and earned Klavs a coffee mug with “Guitar Hero” on its side!When he’s not playing the guitar, he’s listening to rock music or building furniture from wood.

The freedom is Klavs’ favorite thing about Scandiweb. Not being stuck in a box from 9 to 5 results in a liberating atmosphere, allowing Scandiweb’s stars to shine at all hours of the day and night.

Keep doing what you’re doing and everything will turn out great!

At a younger age, Natalja believed in the existence of all sorts of mythical creatures — fairies flying around, gnomes hiding under trees, unicorns living in forests — and that they would come out of hiding when humans weren’t around. Now she’s Scandiweb’s Art Director in charge of everything that has to do with design — from doing estimates to managing projects to working on concrete designs, to leading her team! An artistic personality, with an incredible eye for design-based solutions, Natalja breathes life into every project she touches! She also has a talent for team management, always making sure to keep a light and organized atmosphere. For Natalja, understanding the WHY of design is what separates a designer from the average Photoshop-using Joe, and she has made sure to surround herself with a team of people who know this.

When she’s off work, Natalja enjoys drawing and painting in a non-digital medium with pencils, watercolours, oil, among other things. Being also a fan of Fantasy and Sci-fi, as well as general scientific topics, Natalja’s bookcase is quite full, with the works of such authors as Ray Bradbury and Robert Sheckley showing the most signs of wear. Travelling is also an important part of Natalja’s life!

Natalja likes that people in Scandiweb are open to exciting and crazy ideas and that there’s a CEO who leads by example! People are passionate about what they do and they enjoy the challenges they are presented with!

Stop Using JQuery!

At a younger age, Alfreds got confused in a crowd and ended up following a stranger for 20 minutes, before realizing that it was not his mom! Alfreds is a multifunctional developer, his speciality being creating lightning-fast landing pages. With a deluge of other tasks, including doing server-less set-ups, hosting all kinds of front-end related workshops, even working on crypto ATM machines and more, Alfreds is a well-rounded expert. Constantly striving to outperform himself, Alfreds seeks quality above all else, by making his work maximally reusable, and coding with pedantic care to make sure everything is written on a high level.

Alfreds has heaps of hobbies and interests, from radio controlled planes, cars, and drones, to camping in nature with friends, to travelling and discovering new places, to working on open source projects, to playing table games with friends, and more! Active and energetic by nature, Alfreds picks up new skills with incredible ease and it doesn’t take him long to master them. A point of pride for Alfreds is having won third place in a Scientific Research project competition with his prosthetic leg project.

Alfreds’ favorite thing about Scandiweb is the helpfulness — there are experts all around you and they’re always available for a helping hand or a useful tip! Another bonus is the vibrant and propulsive community that can’t go a week without organizing some epic event!

You are AMAZING, just believe in it and take the most of life’s opportunities!

Ilze has a memory of there being a spider in her house when she was younger. She used to believe that it would show up when she had done something she could get in trouble for. Originally hired as a contacts manager, Ilze is now part of the Digital Marketing and Analytics team, working with marketing client ICOs. Patience, dedication, and responsibility are Ilze’s strong suits, propelling her productivity. The ability to work in an international environment, developed through her International Economic Relations BA studies and previous work experience, is where Ilze truly shines and the reason why Scandiweb insisted she become part of the marketing team!

For Ilze, the summer’s for rollerblading and the winter’s for ice-skating. Another passion of hers — music. Concerts and festivals of all kinds are where she feels in her element. In terms of preferences, Muse tops her interminable list of favorite bands and musicians. Listening not only to music, but people as well, Ilze is a perceptive listener, with a good understanding of people.

Dynamic work, devoid of routine and blandness, and an encouraging learning environment is what stands out in Scandiweb for Ilze!

Don’t waste your time on bullshit!

As a child, Kaspars believed that you can jump on clouds like trampolines. Now he’s a project manager — the bridge between clients and developers, making sure the communication is smooth, and the progress — uninterrupted. With an uncanny ability to always understand where he is or isn’t needed, Kaspars is great at optimizing the workflow, stepping in at critical points, while avoiding micromanagement. A degree in Business Management, 10 years in the IT field, with 3 years at Scandiweb on top of that, have equipped Kaspars with all the tools for success and he uses them just for that! Mentioning problem-solving as his most valuable instrument, Kaspars finds solutions with resolute efficiency.

An active man by nature, Kaspars is a terrific football player, who used to compete in the second highest league in Latvia, frequently reaching the pedestal. He likes to cycle and likes to play video games, but what he loves is his family and spending time with them!

Kaspars is appreciative of the magnitude of the work taking place at Scandiweb. With an exquisite list of clients, perpetual large-scale projects, and a motivated team — we can do big things!

Don’t read bad books & start using audible sooner!

At a younger age, Aigars had no desire of becoming a firefighter, policeman, astronaut; he wanted to be a businessman and make his first million by the age of 18! A dream partially come true, he’s now the co-CEO and, while he’s involved in most daily operations, the majority of his time is taken up by clients & projects. Aigars’ input is highly sought after and he can often be found flying abroad to kick off workshops, discoveries, recommend tools, approaches and more. Providing solutions, supervising projects and ensuring quality delivery, Aigars identifies knowledge and experience as general ingredients for success, and, more specifically, highlights an empathetic approach — understanding projects from multiple narratives and viewpoints, as a necessary skill.

With a childhood filled with sports & tech — from track & field, basketball, javelin throwing and more, to creating websites for friends and modifying his own phone to his liking, Aigars’ free time used to be taken up with activities that helped develop various hard & soft skills. Nowadays, Aigars is more focused on experiences — food, coffee, wine, champagne, behavior, beliefs. Diving deep into each of these things, learning about history, production, how to appreciate them and the psychology behind it all, Aigars is always open to trying something new!

The freedom, the environment, the opportunities — there are many things Aigars likes about Scandiweb, but a special shoutout goes to Davis’ new beard!

Don’t make Stacey wait so long

As a child, Berkay used to believe that in movie theatres they had big VHS players in which they put big VHS tapes so that the movie would be big enough for the big screen. Now he’s part of Scandiweb’s Digital Marketing team, his tasks revolving primarily around working with startups — helping them kickoff, as well as some SEO tasks and providing general assistance to colleagues. Berkay’s strengths lie in his experience and never shying away from a problem — he will take charge and ensure continuous progress when obstacles are encountered, by resolving them quickly and efficiently. Helpful by nature, Berkay is quick to react when a colleague is in need and is always there to support them, aided by his extensive technical know-how of most SEO issues.

Berkay’s free time is taken up by professional self-improvement. Frequently exploring diverse digital marketing aspects, Berkay has even taken up learning design & project management to become more complete in his position and understand the intricacies of related domains in-depth. When he’s not working, Berkay enjoys Nordic movies — he finds them engaging and unique thanks to their interesting stories and narratives, focusing on exploring human nature and relationships.

When it comes to Scandiweb, Berkay appreciates the outspoken environment — people are encouraged to be open about their views regarding external and internal projects and policies and their views are taken into consideration both by colleagues and management.

Change nothing!

At a younger age, Oleksii believed that if he would buy all the Harry Potter books on the day of release, he would get noticed by Hogwarts and receive an invitation letter — and he’s still trying to get his hands on everything related to the first ones! Part of Scandiweb’s Support department for 2 years, Oleksii has now become a New Business Developer and is Scandiweb’s regional manager in the UK! Representing the company, generating contacts, converting them, attending meetings and presenting solutions — Oleksii has his hands full and his technical knowledge, combined with his education and work experience in international economics is crucial for staying on top of the game. Highlighting self-expression and a healthy attitude toward criticism as valuable skills in any area of work, Oleksii practices what he preaches!

A man of many talents and hobbies, Oleksii enjoys writing novels, playing the guitar, travelling, yoga. He also enjoys restaurant-level cooking and he’s playing with the idea of getting a Michelin star, but that’s still a ways off. Nevertheless, he’s interested in the culinary arts and his speciality is mixing incompatible products into delicious meals. Given his very mobile lifestyle, Oleksii is very happy to have found a life-partner that supports him and goes with him on his adventures.

When prompted about his favorite thing in Scandiweb, Oleksii keeps it brief — people inspire each other.

Don’t waste 5 years on World of Warcraft

When Anzelika was in first grade, she didn’t know you can extend the time on a book borrowed from the library and was distraught that she’d never find out whether Frodo succeeded in taking the ring to Mordor. Since July 2014, she’s an integral part of Scandiweb — a highly qualified senior developer, with a bachelor in computer science and numerous certificates, currently working with Magento 2. Anzelika believes having the right attitude towards work, colleagues, and responsibilities is a vital aspect of life at Scandiweb.

When she’s not at work, Anzelika is playing various video games, reading and listening to music, a favorite being Judas Priest’s Nostradamus. Anzelika also has a love for animals and an accomplishment she takes pride in is having nurtured an orphan bunny back to health. Coincidentally, she currently has a pet bunny, however, Lord Muffin is not the same bunny as the saved one.

Being of a reclusive character, Anzelika prefers a book over a work party, and she appreciates both the professional as well as the personal freedom and opportunities here at Scandiweb.

Avoid those dumb mistakes!

When Reinis was younger, he accidentally burned a hole in the floor with the coal from a hookah pipe. To try to cover it up and hide it from his parents, he pulled a table over it, as if they wouldn’t see that there is suddenly a table in the middle of the room and completely out of place. Now he’s on the marketing/CRO team at Scandiweb and his days are filled with various digital marketing tasks, with the spotlight being taken by capital raising for startups. Reinis combats the volatility innate in these kinds of tasks with quick-learning and adaptability, making sure to always be in the forefront of the latest tendencies and occurrences!

Reinis has a broad variety of interests and he’s always open to adding new ones to his collection. In terms of sports, Reinis both plays and watches basketball, beach volleyball, and tennis, following the progress of the Latvian national teams and athletes. When not on the field or the beach, Reinis is hanging out with family and friends, playing board games, helping out wherever he can, getting new experiences, or just simply taking it easy and having a good time.

His colleagues are hands down Reinis’ favorite thing about Scandiweb.
As a child, Igors had 2 peculiar phobias — elevators, thinking they’re all unsafe, and spiders, believing every single spider to be venomous! Now he’s a Senior Developer, and has been part of Scandiweb’s Rockar team since its inception, launching numerous huge projects for the likes of Land Rover, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Ford! Igors is the muscle behind the project, doing a lot of the heavy lifting — implementing tasks, fixing bugs, fixing issues on projects environments, code reviewing, helping and assisting teammates, as well as working with clients to transfer their ideas into code! A helpful person by nature, with a high level of responsibility and incredible experience, Igors is the perfect fit for his position and is directly responsible for a lot of Scandiweb’s success!

Igors’ passion is sports. Having spent his childhood in the yard and stadiums playing football, and currently trying to follow everything possible, Igors has a preference for hockey, basketball and boxing, however his busy schedule usually allows only to keep up with teams & athletes he supports.Igors’ heart, however, is his young daughter and, for Igors, the most valuable time of the day is the time spent with her.

At Scandiweb, Igors likes the freedom! The liberal schedule and atmosphere mean that you’re in charge of your own time and can make time for the most important things in life, whenever necessary!

Attend more concerts!

As a child, Karolina was a very picky eater, but all it took from her parents was to rename the food and she would happily eat it — she hated honey, but woney was amazing! Now she’s a Digital Marketer working primarily with CRO, doing analytics, GTM implementation, and more. Aided daily by her experience with GA and social commerce, she, nevertheless, highlights her team as a crucial aspect conducive to her professional success. Indeed, an enthusiastic team player, Karolina is also very individually driven to learn and improve, the drive being her perpetual curiosity.

Karolina’s active by nature and has recently switched from team sports (rugby!) to going to the gym and participating in various individual physical activities. Karolina’s a fan of rock concerts and attends whatever she can, but when it’s time for a cozy evening at home — movies and TV series are her thing! What’s more, a point of pride for Karolina is having learned Finnish!

Karolina’s favorite aspect of Scandiweb is the big team, which despite approaching 200 people is tight-knit and feels like family, thanks to the friendliness of the people, the openness of the environment and the many events that create bonding opportunities! Another big plus is the feeling of having a voice — your ideas are requested and taken into consideration!
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