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Stun, engage and convert your customers with a bespoke responsive Magento design. We synthesize art and science to bring your vision to life and make your products feel tangible, enticing, and effortless to get.

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A Magento Design right for you

Make your customers feel welcome in a store that represents their values and answers their needs. Working in tandem, our design and marketing teams create custom responsive & mobile-friendly Magento designs that help you achieve your business goals, while confidently broadcasting your brand identity.

Data-informed at its core, our methodology tailors for Magento merchants striving to streamline their user journeys, create memorable experiences, and visually stand out among their competition with modern and stylish websites.

The best team for the job

Scandiweb`s in-house team of Magento designers and UX/CRO specialists is complemented by the largest certified Magento developer team in the world, totaling 200 eCommerce enthusiasts. Not only can we create a custom Magento web design, but we can also implement, launch, and assist with SEO & marketing campaigns to ensure everyone sees it.

With 11 years of Magento experience under our belt, the continued success of Scandiweb`s UX/design methodology can be attributed to its never-ending evolution and the team`s perpetual perfectionist drive to stay ahead of the curve.

Understanding the intricacies of web design, conversion rate optimization, UX, and Magento like few others do, Scandiweb`s designs make for happy customers, recognizable brands, and, most importantly, drive sales.

Official Magento Partners & the largest certified Magento developer team in the world
100% transparency - be in the loop and participate in the process
Pay-as-you-go - no hidden fees, no fixed costs. Pay only for the work done

Bringing your idea to life

Experienced in everything from idea generation, to visual brand identity building, and getting the faintest concepts to a sizzling lift-off, Scandiweb`s Magento designers breathe life into your ideas. Whether you come to us with a concept, a draft, or a full-blown plan, it`s of paramount importance to develop a strategy to adhere to, so you`re in the loop of the process, and our team has clear goals & milestones.

Magento is one of the most flexible platforms when it comes to custom eCommerce designs, and we know how to push the platform to its very limits, allowing you to benefit most from its features, creating the fastest, smoothest, and most functionally gorgeous web- and mobile- friendly solution for your eCommerce store.

Holistic execution

From in-depth analysis of your customer habits, desires, and preferences, to iterative optimization of visual components, all the while continuously incorporating your brand identity for social recognition, every custom Magento website design is carefully crafted with pedantic attention to detail.

How Design & UX research/optimization are done at Scandiweb

Magento persuasive design methodology

In our experience, when it comes to user experience and conversion optimization, there are 4 cornerstones for designing a website that performs at maximum efficiency. From using eye-trackers and brain scanners for user research to pre-launch experiments, and post-launch tests, in this article, you can learn exactly how Scandiweb achieves incredible results.
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Checkout optimization case study

A concrete case study about one of the most sensitive areas on any Magento website - the checkout. For some, copying the checkout flow & design of established brands might be the way to go. But it`s clear that nothing beats a custom Magento store checkout design that is tailored to your customers and their needs. Here`s the proof.
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User testing: 5-second tests

Scandiweb runs a plethora of user tests when creating custom Magento web designs, tracking user interaction with the store in a number of different ways. One of the more interesting ones is the 5-second tests - making sure users can immediately orientate themselves in what your Magento store is about. Everyone knows - first impressions count. Learn why the tests are so useful, why their results matter, and how we do them.
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Optimizing the user journey

Design should help get a visitor from the landing page to the “Thank You for shopping with us” page in the most user-friendly way possible. To do that, your Magento store should offer a seamless user journey. And in this real-life case study, you can read how exactly Scandiweb achieves it, using in-depth analysis, discovering the most rewarding opportunities, and capitalizing on them with data-driven improvements.
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Happy Customers

Our work brings about beautiful websites and happy customers. Take a look at some of our Magento Designs:

Scandiweb is recommended by

scandiweb has helped us greatly to understand an implement our ecommerce platform on Magento.
Head of News Agency Applications
Erik Klepper
scandiweb proved to be a good fit and we are very happy with the commitment and dedication from both our team and the company
Team Lead / PO at Happysocks
Victor Emilson
We have done projects with scandiweb and, to be honest, it is a pleasure to work with them!
eCommerce Manager
Marc Muntané
We have been increasingly impressed with scandiweb since we began working with them on our website.
Director of IT
Jimmy Yoon
PUMA on ScandiPWA has 3 – 4 times better performance than any other site in the group.
Chief Architect
Jason Barney
Working with scandiweb has been a positive experience, they have consistently kept their timelines and have competent people with the technical expertise to finish the job..
Director of IT
Jón H. Bartels

We've developed the fastest Magento theme… ever

Design is the first and foremost experience your customer gets with your website, right? Wrong. The very first thing they experience is how long it takes your Magento site to load and first impressions matter. You could have the most streamlined designs, yet if they take more than 3 seconds to load - 40% of your potential customers will leave.

What if you could have near-instant load times, incredible mobile-first UX, and a stunning design to go along with it all? You can 👍

Supercharge your Magento store`s frontend with Progressive Web Applications. Scandiweb has developed an open source, Magento-first, hassle-free, PWA solution called ScandiPWA. PWAs are widely heralded as the next-gen technology that will kick eCommerce up a notch, and in layman`s terms, you can think of PWAs as cool websites with the benefits of a native app, such as:
Mobile first
Conversions driven
Offline mode
Push notifications
Mobile conversions increase
Up to 300% loading speed increase
Fast time to market
Deployable to
Play & App stores

Beyond Magento web design

Magento development, migration, version upgrades, support & maintenance, SEO services - Magento has been our core competence for over a decade and we know it inside out. What this means for you - we have the ability and capacity to resolve any and every Magento-related issue, problem, desire, or request you may have, and do so efficiently and in the highest quality possible, as we have done for Magento merchants of all sizes and budgets.

Achieve your business goals with a Scandiweb custom Magento web design:

Eye-catching & stylish
Experienced Team
Holistic approach
Fast iteration
Magento Partners
Satisfied clients
Transparent workflow
Unique design

Who is scandiweb?

Leader in eCommerce, Mobile, and Startups. Since 2003, scandiweb has enabled digital strategy for bootstrapping startups and established brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, New York Times, Reuters, JYSK and 600+ other customers in 35 countries. scandiweb is a full-stack, vertically integrated service provider with the largest eCommerce development team in Europe and the US. We bolster digital business strategies with our expertise in KPI management, MarTech, Creatives, and Technology.

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