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Magento version upgrade: When should I do it?

With each new Magento version upgrade come improvements in performance, speed, and security. Since version upgrades are rolled out every couple of months, always staying up to date can feel like a big ask. Especially when most functionality updates have little to no effect on your store.
If you`re running a stable Magento 1.6 version, that`s performing well, an upgrade to 1.9 might not appeal to you. Nevertheless, there are 3 things to seriously consider when considering Magento upgrade services:
Even if none of the novel functionality options interest you, security should. While security patches are ported to older versions where applicable, the infrastructure of the newer versions ensures general reduced security vulnerabilities, which older versions might fall victim to.
Is your Magento version future-proof? Are you expecting growth? Can your store deal with bigger modifications & integrations? If you`re running an older Magento version, then the answer is likely “no”. Related technology evolves along with Magento, which can mean sparse and sub optimal options for those left behind the curve.
Custom solutions for issues, bug-fixes, and features might be a satisfactory alternative avenue to upgrading. Experience, however, shows that these aspects quickly snowball into performance- and efficiency-hindering overhead. A Magento version update can solve your issues once and for all.

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Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade

This is commonly referred to as Magento migration, which is a significantly broader undertaking than a Magento version upgrade. However, if you`re still running a Magento 1.x store, migration is the smart choice.
Why migrate?
Beyond the standard benefits of significant performance, speed, and security upgrades, the principal reason Magento merchants are migrating to M2 in hordes is the end of life of M1. As of June 2020, Magento will no longer support M1 and this means:
No more security updates, putting your store at risk
The M1 extension & application ecosystem dying out
Outdated features and performance jeopardising UX
Magento 2 benefits
As a more modern and flexible eCommerce platform, Magento 2 offers the powerful improvements that are highly sought-after by merchants today, striving to provide an excellent digital experience for their customers:
Performance improvements with faster loading, more capable checkouts
Better suited for mobile with more responsive UX
Considerably tightened security
While migration is more time-consuming than a Magento upgrade, Scandiweb ensures a seamless experience in either case. Providing a bug-free, thorough platform migration with minimal to no downtime, we do:
Complete audit & preparation
Full SEO-friendly migration of data, extensions, themes, etc.
Go-live and post-go-live monitoring
and support
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Stop stifling your Magento store

The Magento platform is praised for its flexibility, accessibility, and ease-of-use. It`s no wonder 12% of all eCommerce sites use Magento, as it`s constantly evolving and is powered by one of the most active developer communities of any eCommerce platform.

The question is - are you evolving with it? Since Magento 2`s release in 2015, 35+ updates have been released, each bringing bigger or smaller improvements to functionality, performance, speed, UX, and security.

Scandiweb`s Magento upgrade service helps you make the most of Magento`s wide range of benefits, whether you`re looking for upgrading to the latest Magento version, or are moving between M1 versions.

Quick-and-easy Magento upgrade service with scandiweb

Scandiweb provides Magento upgrade services for any Magento version, be it Commerce or Community, 1.X or 2.X. Ensuring no downtime and a flawless holistic upgrade encompassing code, database and extensions, Scandiweb does it quick-and-easy in 4 steps:
Step 1: Duplicate
Your Magento site is duplicated to our local server, ensuring there`s a safe environment for upgrades and testing without affecting the live site, allowing your customers to continue unaffected. You have full access to the staging environment.
Step 2: Upgrade
Core code, database, extensions are upgraded, along with any custom features and code. Occasionally, iterative upgrades are required when upgrading from an older Magento version, moving to an intermediary version before upgrading to the final one.
Step 3: Test
Tests are perpetually run to guarantee a flawless Magento upgrade. Bugs are fixed, errors eradicated, conflicts resolved. You are informed of any and all unresolvable extensio compatibility issues.
Step 4: Sync
Once all parties are satisfied with the result, it`s synced to the live site, thus completing the Magento upgrade with little to no downtime. Easy as that!
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Leaders in eCommerce since 2003, Scandiweb is an official Magento partner and home to the largest certified Magento developer team in Europe and the US. Scandiweb has offered Magento upgrade services since the need first arose over a decade ago. As a digital agency specializing in Magento, Scandiweb has delivered digital solutions of every scale and every budget for merchants across 5 continents.

With an inhouse team of 200 eCommerce specialists comprised of developers, creatives, marketers, and strategists, Scandiweb has the experience and capability to take your project from its inception to go-live, and provide pivotal technical and strategic assistance with every step in-between.

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We have used the development team in various capacities for over two years where we have created some excellent work. We are a fast paced client and Scandiweb’s development team have matched and kept consistent with their high-quality work and excellent feedback. The development team has visited the UK many times and Rockar as a client has reached out and visited Latvia when required when the face-to-face time is required. The team is very adept at creating specifications and proactively finding solutions.
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Chief Technology Officer

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Leaders in eCommerce, Mobile, and Startups. Since 2003 Scandiweb enables digital strategy for bootstrapping startups and established brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, New York Times, Reuters, JYSK and 400 other customers in 35 countries. Scandiweb is a full stack vertically integrated service provider with the largest eCommerce development team in Europe and the US. Your business digital strategy goals can be backed up by Scandiweb capabilities in KPI management, MarTech, Creative, and Technology.

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