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Magento (Adobe Commerce) 2.4.7 Release Highlights

Adobe has released the Magento (Adobe Commerce) 2.4.7. With each new Magento version upgrade comes improvements in performance, speed, and security. The Magento 2.4.7 release brings several key upgrades and fixes, including support for PHP 8.3, faster loading times for complex product listing pages, improved indexer management, extended GraphQL coverage for custom attributes, and FedEx and UPS support. 

Magento 2.4.7 highlights

Next, we’ll list the most critical improvements we can expect from the Magento (Adobe Commerce) 2.4.7 release.

Security enhancements

  • Security fixes from previous releases, emphasizing admin protection with IP allowlisting, two-factor authentication, VPN, unique admin URL, and strong passwords
  • Changes to cache key behavior, requiring specific characters
  • Limit of 250,000 auto-generated coupon codes
  • Enhanced randomness in Admin URL generation
  • Subresource Integrity (SRI) for PCI 4.0 compliance on payment pages
  • Updated Content Security Policy (CSP) settings for stricter control on payment pages
  • New full-page cache configuration to limit handles parameters
  • Native rate limiting for payment data in REST and GraphQL APIs.

Platform enhancements

  • Support for PHP 8.3, with continued compatibility for PHP 8.2 and 8.1 (for upgrade purposes only)
  • Compatibility with RabbitMQ 3.13, Composer 2.7.x, Varnish Cache 7.4, Elasticsearch 8.11, OpenSearch 2.12 and 1.3, and Redis 7.2
  • Updated JavaScript libraries, NPM dependencies, and Laminas libraries for PHP 8.3 compatibility
  • Support for multiple coupons per order via REST or GraphQL
  • Migration to UPS REST API and FedEx RESTful APIs
  • Added support for USPS Ground Advantage shipping method
  • Removal of deprecated Temando shipping modules.

Performance and scalability enhancements

  • Configuration support for up to one million active coupon-based cart price rules without performance degradation
  • New indexer management command for dynamic status control during bulk operations
  • Improved load times for product listing pages with complex products and better GraphQL request performance
  • JSON format support for REST Import API, enabling import of up to 100k records per minute
  • Performance improvements for deployments with many active sales rules
  • Faster save operations for store-level configurations in deployments with over 500 stores
  • Reduced downtime for generating config cache for large configurations.

Enhanced GraphQL capabilities

  • Improved caching for faster page load speeds 
  • Enhanced support for custom attributes, including extended customer and address attributes
  • Support for headless order cancellation
  • More flexible cart management
  • Order items now include product images, enhancing load efficiency
  • New queries and mutations like applyCouponsToCart and confirmEmail.

Adobe Commerce Extension metapackage

  • Adobe Commerce Extension Metapackage v2.0.0 automatically bundles select Adobe Commerce extensions with core release
  • Extensions included: Adobe Commerce Admin UI SDK, Adobe IMS integration, Adobe I/O Events, Adobe Stock, Braintree, and Payment Services.

Braintree updates

  • Vaulted payment options for PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and ACH, enhancing checkout speed
  • Express Payment buttons added at the top of checkout for quicker transactions
  • Frictionless transactions reduce 3DS challenges
  • Dispute statuses passed to Commerce, searchable in the Sales > Order grid.

PWA Studio compatibility

Web API framework enhancements

  • New REST endpoints for managing multiple coupons in a cart
  • Workaround for is_filterable attribute limitation with new product attribute endpoints.

Here are the official Magento (Adobe Commerce) 2.4.7 release notes.

Fixed issues

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 addresses an array of issues to enhance the platform’s functionality and performance. The following are just a sample of those fixes:

  • Improved performance for large product catalogs and complex promotions
  • Resolved tax calculation inaccuracies in certain scenarios
  • Fixed issues with reCAPTCHA validation during checkout
  • Solved issues with payment gateway integrations not processing correctly
  • Corrected display issues for specific custom attributes
  • Resolved slow loading times for product detail pages with many attributes
  • Fixed issues with inventory sync between multiple websites.

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-p1 release notes

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-p1 security patch release addresses security vulnerabilities identified in previous releases. The main enhancements are updated one-time password settings for Google Authenticator and compatibility updates for the Adobe Commerce B2B extension. Additionally, a hotfix resolves issues with the UPS integration migration from SOAP to REST API, particularly affecting non-US shipments using metric measurements.

Should you upgrade to Magento 2.4.7?

Magento releases updates regularly to address security issues, fix bugs, and improve performance. As a general guideline, it is recommended to upgrade your Magento version with each new release. In addition, if you postpone upgrades, the cost of upgrading your Magento store can increase. The longer you wait to upgrade, the more changes and updates you will need to implement to bring your store up to date. 

Upgrading to Magento (Adobe Commerce) 2.4.7 is highly recommended. This version introduces critical security updates, ensuring compliance with the latest best practices and addressing vulnerabilities. Performance improvements include faster loading times for complex product pages, enhanced indexer management, and the ability to handle up to one million coupon codes. Numerous bug fixes improve reliability, addressing issues like tax calculation inaccuracies, payment gateway problems, and reCAPTCHA validation during checkout. 

These updates enhance the platform’s security, performance, and usability, so we suggest the upgrade as a valuable and even required step for merchants using Magento.

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