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Managed hosting on ReadyMage

Managed AWS-based hosting with the power of PWA and Magento 2

✅ For cost-optimized, swift delivery of Magento projects
The first and only PWA-focused hosting for Adobe Commerce and Magento 2, supporting ScandiPWA—an extremely powerful, out-of-the-box Magento theme—and Magento PWA Studio. Run your store on a managed platform hosted in AWS.

Run your store on a managed platform hosted in AWS
Benefit from a fully customizable GitHub code management
Deploy testing environments in one click
Increase conversions by at least 25% with a PWA storefront
Enjoy on-demand DevOps support
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Custom AWS Setup and hosting services

Autoscalable AWS setups and custom management

✅ For complex, rapidly evolving eCom ecosystems
Scandiweb`s Magento/Adobe Commerce hosting services are powered by a dedicated team of certified AWS architects and engineers right at your service. Enjoy on-demand support and top-level management of stable, secure, and scalable solutions, tailored for any eCommerce business.

Automatically stay on top of sporadic capacity demands
Optimize performance vs cost in accordance with your business goals
Make the right scaling decisions with tailored solutions
Save time and resources without sacrificing reliability
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Denis Rostovkis
Infrastructure Engineer
We help to build your strategic roadmap
and deliver it!

We tailor our AWS solutions to the specifics of each client, with proactive support that is meant to kick off right after the project has been fully deployed.

Continuous support of your AWS infrastructure

Magento/Adobe Commerce hosting is more than just working infrastructure. Leverage the experience of our AWS experts and stay way ahead of any potential issues, with uptime support during the whole hosting process from Scandiweb.
Uptime monitoring
We're using our AWS managing skills to help your Magento website evolve and run smoothly and efficiently by performing regular health checks and 24/7 monitoring
Ongoing optimization
With managed AWS hosting you get access to the whole toolkit, engineered to ensure efficient management and continual optimization for your growing business
Offload your AWS infrastructure management to certified AWS experts to maintain full focus on the higher-value activities of your growing business

eCommerce storefronts powered by ReadyMage


Puma Mexico became the first sports footwear and accessories manufacturer to build their eCom store using ScandiPWA, with  ReadyMage hosting as a backbone.

Entire UX was mapped onto PWA front and optimized to work with Fastly cache
ScandiPWA was enhanced, achieving impressive Lighthouse scores: 90+ on Mobile and 98 on Desktop
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The biggest sporting goods retailer in the Baltics running on Magento (Adobe) Commerce.

Support of 50k SKUs
Multiple performance enhancements and ScandiPWA feature adjustments, to address a wide range of use cases, including product information management, order flow, payment and checkout, internal document workflow
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Scandiweb custom AWS projects for eCommerce


Tailor-made AWS infrastructure ensuring near-zero downtime during deployments for a leading retailer of construction materials, tools, and electronics in Scandinavia.

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Mini Rodini

Custom AWS infrastructure setup for a kids clothing store, with Fastly for content delivery, Aurora RDS, and ElastiCache (Redis).

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Let’s talk about your custom AWS solutions

Partnering with Scandiweb’s team allowed us to bring a site to market that has 3–4 times better performance than any other site in the client’s portfolio. Our backend engineers collaborated with their frontend team throughout the entire project to develop solutions that met the business needs, were extensible and easy to maintain, and were ultra-fast. We will gladly partner with them on future projects.
Jason Barney
Chief Architect

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