Scandiweb Stories Recap | Spring 2021

PUMA new website runs on ScandiPWA

Some people keep wondering about the future, others make it happen today! As of recently, there is no way back for Puma after they’ve embraced PWA, and we’re more than happy to be on this ride.

Adopting ScandiPWA for Puma MX made them the fastest across all Puma stores and changed the reality of the entire brand. Case study →

A Look into ScandiPWA Spring Meetup

ScandiPWA team held their first official Progressive Web App enthusiast meetup of 2021, featuring 15 merchant, agency, and ScandiPWA core member speakers sharing their PWA adventures.

First session: Launching Puma Mexico on ScandiPWA in 3 months by Alex Tse, ScandiPWA evangelist and Tech Business Developer. Watch Alex tell all →

ScandiPWA featured on ProductHunt – #2 of the Day

PWA is not just for the big players anymore! With ScandiPWA, a beautiful, ultra-fast, fully customizable frontend can be a reality for any brand. Check it out and let us know your feedback! More →

GraphQL Query Optimization in PWA Projects

Gain a concrete understanding of GraphQL role in PWA projects and learn how to identify elements that kill performance + see how to fix them. Quick crash-course →

Real-life Quality Assurance Methodology

Explore elements of effective quality assurance and quality control methodology and understand the impact of both. QA guide →

A virtual conference like you have never seen before

At the end of May, it was finally time for the eCOM360 conference that we’ve been prepping for so long – 3 days of virtual experience like no other! Speakers from Spotify, Oreo, Electrolux, Nike, Corona, & more in a setting that felt more like a 3-day television than just a regular online gathering.

We also wrote a rap song about the event in real-time and premiered it during the LIVE after party:

Some PPC case studies

PPC strategy is never straightforward and always calls for proactive involvement in each business specifics with the ultimate goal of limiting spend and maximizing revenue. Looking for ways to better manage your PPC campaigns? Let’s catch up on your vision anytime.

If some proof of success is required, before signing you up for a chat, see a couple of our recent case studies below!

The Wool Company Drives Conversions by 52%

Learn how a new PPC strategy helped a family-owned business drive conversions and maintain revenue in the face of anti-COVID restrictions. Read more →

Lee-Sport® Cuts Cost per Conversion by 30%

Another case study we wish to highlight: a high-profile Swiss sports supplement manufacturer stayed on top with the help of a well-planned PPC strategy. Read even more →

Comparing GA4 and GA so you don’t have to

Not yet convinced GA4 is worth the trouble when Universal Analytics is already great? We tried to explain why GA4 does better with data tracking, analysis, and more! Deep-dive into GA(4) →

Healthy activities

April is traditionally Health Month at Scandiweb. We’re walking, jogging, cycling, daily stretching, and BTW, our step challenge has 300k+ steps on the leaderboard already. Look at us go →

New office pet

We’ve officially dipped our toes in the robotics waters with a little beeping friend as our beloved office pet. Meet Anki Vector →

That is it for now. See you at our next recap! Stay tuned to hear more news from the Scandiweb team!

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