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Why outsource business analytics to a dedicated team?

Don’t let eCommerce analytics routine stall your business. Get out of data silos and start winning with dedicated eCommerce analytics services

In eCommerce, data analysis is always tricky. How should you dissect the numerous stats and numbers across different sources and put all that into efficient data-driven decisions?

Scandiweb dedicated analytics team takes full care of that—we instantly provide you with meaningful, action-ready insights both for low-hanging fruit wins and long-term planning.

5 business issues a dedicated analytics team can tackle right away

Spotting bottlenecks in the sales funnel
Definition of valid eCommerce KPIs
Figuring out the reasons for checkout and cart abandonment
Identification of the right data for informed decisions
Assessment of ROI of development changes

Why choose Scandiweb analytics team?

20+ experienced analytics experts at ¼ of an in-house specialists cost
Hire analytics experts who are ready to take on business analytics tasks of any complexity
Seamless integration with in-house dev teams
Our eCommerce analysts will merge with your in-house dev team in no time
Up-to-date, Google-appraised analytics practices
Benefit from the best analytics practices appraised by Google
Streamlined insights extraction
We craft comprehensive workflows for making truly informed business decisions
Action plan development both short- and long-term
Get an all-encompassing action plan bot for reaping low-hanging fruit and improving performance in the long run
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What dedicated analytics services Scandiweb provides

We deliver full-cycle, streamlined business analytics services, with strong attention to detail—from data audit, sales funnel optimization, integrations to custom analytics solutions
Analytics auditing
  • Google Analytics in-depth auditing and health checks
  • dataLayer and Google Tag Manager auditing
  • Transaction tracking coverage audits
  • Marketing platforms tracking auditing (Facebook pixel and CAPI, Google Ads tracking, affiliate marketing tracking, etc)
  • Analytics audit report
  • Implementation of improvements for action items
Implementation of new analytics setups, migrations, or fine-tuning
  • eCommerce dataLayer implementation
  • Marketing scripts and tracking events setup for tag manager (e.g. Google Tag Manager)
  • Analytics platform configuration (e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) and customization
  • Shopping behavior funnel and checkout steps tracking
  • Advanced user flow segmentation
  • Tracking script migration plan
Elimination of data discrepancies
  • Spotting issues in the tracking code's technical implementation
  • Shopping funnel analysis and main drop-off points
  • dataLayer input and output data validation
Integrations and setup of marketing tracking pixels and APIs
  • Facebook pixel and conversion API implementation
  • Google Ads conversions tracking, dynamic remarketing setup
  • Affiliate platforms tracking (CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Rakuten, etc)
  • Ad platforms conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing setups (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads)
Business intelligence, KPI dashboards & reporting automation
  • Advanced reporting automation and BI dashboards
  • Real-time performance reporting and alerts
  • Custom dashboards with multiple data sources
  • eCommerce store performance analysis and recommendations report 
  • Retention analysis and modeling
  • Launch monitoring
  • Product performance and purchasing trends
  • Customer segmentation
Data warehousing
  • Company data needs definition: sync with stakeholders to identify business requirements and expected deliverables of the project
  • Outlining data sources, necessary tools and corresponding table schemas
  • Configuration and setup of tools and pipelines (e.g. Fivetran, Segment, Zapier, etc)
  • Data warehousing implementation (e.g. BigQuery, RedShift, Snowflake, etc), QA of the setup
  • Linking data from various sources for a holistic overview
  • Data transformations: filtering, splitting, merging, enriching, and deleting duplicates (with tools like Metillion, DBT, dataform, etc)
  • Setting up business intelligence tools for data visualization and dashboard creation

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How Scandiweb enables eCommerce growth through efficient business analytics

The leading kitchenware retailer

Enhanced digital analytics setup for data-driven decisions with Data Layer, GTM, GA, and GDS. Cervera got a 148% increase in mobile revenue after fixing “low-hanging fruits” and a 745.72% revenue increase for cart abandonment emails.

A trusted leader in customized identification

Traffic acquisition and CRO services after launch boosted revenue by 25% within 6 months and conversion rates by 17.5%.

Online women's designer apparel store

Complete customer data tracking setup for monitoring and optimizing performance as well as enabling perpetual improvement opportunities

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