Magento website development

Supercharge your eCommerce initiative with a bespoke Magento website designed to drive sales through optimized performance and an eye-catching web design tailored to your business identity and goals

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Magento Website Development

Supercharge your eCommerce initiative with a bespoke Magento website designed to drive sales through optimized performance and an eye-catching web design tailored to your business identity and goals

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Creating industry-defining eCommerce experiences with Magento

Over a quarter of a million businesses all around the world opt for Magento to power their eCommerce initiatives, with droves of emerging and established merchants choosing Magento web development or migrating to the Magento platform on a daily basis. Magento powers 12% of all eCommerce websites.

Why choose Magento? It's the most powerful and flexible open-source eCommerce platform out there. Regardless of whether you have a small local eCommerce store or a cross-border multi-billion enterprise, Magento's scalability and near-limitless customization options allow you to make the platform work for you.

Equipped with a rich and versatile toolkit that includes easy-to-use data import and catalog management, content management system, flexible third party integration features, scalable and functional shopping cart, and checkout forms, and an extensively customizable overall framework, Magento platform has faithfully served merchants all around the globe.

All your eCommerce needs are taken care of by one Magento agency with unified Magento services

Migration to Magento
/ Adobe Commerce
We ensure a smooth migration of your store, to Magento 2, with full SEO, performance optimization, and technical fine-tuning.
PWA for Magento
/ Adobe Commerce
We are the pioneers in the development of PWA solutions, including the biggest PWA store in the world.
Magento front-end development
We build a business-tailored Magento front-end using the most modern and efficient libraries and languages: React, Vue.js, Next.js, Gatsby, Hyva, etc.
Magento / Adobe Commerce checkout optimization
Increase revenue with a Magento checkout optimization program fully customized to your business revenue growth.
eCommerce ecosystem enhancements
We deploy and upscale ERP, CRM, OMS, PIM systems, custom payment gateways, and other integrations for any Magento store.
Magento / Adobe Commerce hosting and custom AWS builds
We provide managed AWS hosting services, with unlimited features and scalability.
Strategic eCommerce roadmap
Fully tailored strategy and deliverables to your brand’s identity, vision, and ambitions.
Get 2-5 year strategic roadmap for world domination.
Covering all parts of the ecosystem
Encompassing all eCom ecosystem, including all elements like a website, integrations, expansion, etc.
eCommerce legal consulting
Privacy policy, cookie policy, terms & conditions, warranty against defects and filing a complaint, risk identification and mitigation.
Market expansion
We detect market expansion opportunities based on the results of your business’s analysis.
eCommerce PPC services
Improve ROI across ad channels like Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, Tiktok etc. and boost revenue.
Full-cycle eCommerce SEO
Rank higher and get organic traffic that steadily converts into leads and sales.
Email marketing management services
Drive up to 30% more eCommerce revenue & improve your customer loyalty with email marketing.
Customer Experience optimization services for eCommerce
Get every part of your eCommerce business enhanced by the top eCom experts. UI/UX, backend, technology solutions, and integrations—we deal with everything.
UX & CRO research
Complex qualitative and quantitative data analysis to identify customer personas, uncover weaknesses and areas for improvement in customer journeys.
Analytics Support desk
On-demand analytics audits, implementing new tracking for web behaviour or marketing, providing insights and analysis of marketing performance or user web behaviour insights.
Market research & eCommerce benchmarking
Market analysis and benchmarking against niche and industry competitors. Insights gathering on design, functionalities, customer experience, etc.
Managed eCommerce BI
Critical eCommerce KPIs visible to every internal team and pro-actively perform monthly analysis to capture new business opportunities.
UI, web & app design
CX-driven eCommerce design for increasing conversions and improving ROI.

Build your website with the most certified Magento development agency in the world

Official Magento partners

To tackle your Magento eCommerce website development and design project, we take you to the largest certified developer and solution specialist team in Europe and the US with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Scandiweb unites 200+ inhouse developers, engineers, designers, strategists, marketers, and sales masters that are all eager to take your business to the next level.

Leaders in eCommerce since 2003

Turning unprecedented challenges into success stories, Scandiweb stays at the forefront of Magento website development at all times. Our certified Magento developers will build you a visually appealing, user-friendly, functionally dynamic Magento website tightly embodying your brand identity and contributive to the attainment of your business goals. We help you reach the stars you are shooting for.

Outside-the-box strategists and developers

For over a decade we have contributed in shaping the Magento eCommerce platform into what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. With a deluge of custom integrations, extensions, features and more, Scandiweb`s intimate Magento knowledge and out of the box approach allows us to push the platform to its limits and get the most out of it. In fact, we`ve even become pioneers in the Progressive Web App world creating ScandiPWA - the very first open-source PWA solution for Magento that can take any eCommerce site to new heights!

Putting our experience in your hands

Whether you're looking for Magento website development from scratch, a custom Magento solution for your existing online store, or want to migrate to Magento from a different platform, we put our full experience at your disposal, letting you know what works, what the industry best practices are, and what should be avoided, turning your eCommerce Magento website into the optimal tool to help your business grow.
Ensuring technical excellence in development, Magento platform back end full set-up, Scandiweb creates fast, robust, SEO-friendly, future-oriented, and conversion-centered websites that optimize the digital experiences and journeys of your customers. Scandiweb's Magento web development services focus on:
Seamless UX
User-friendly and attractive custom design layout based on user research making for a fully enjoyable shopping experience at your online store from the first visit to the checkout confirmation page; Magento web development, ensuring full responsiveness across devices.
Scandiweb ensures a transparent and flexible Magento website development process with daily status updates to make changes along the way and produce custom Magento solutions just for you.
SEO optimized webpage
Development of an eye-catching, unique and easy-to-use design is incredibly important, but you will want to get your eCommerce store noticed. Combined with Magento web development, our efforts in SEO we make sure that Search Engine bots find the website as appealing as your customers.
Support and maintenance
From strategy to design, development to support, our skilled and dedicated Magento web development team will be right beside you 24/7 to provide you with the best Magento web design and development services an online retailer could get.
Scalable solutions
Magento websites built by Scandiweb's development team are easy to upgrade, enhance and maintain, and can be easily scaled up when your Magento store and business grows.

Achieve amazing results

which others could only dream of

Build your website with an expert-level Magento development agency and ensure eCommerce excellence

24/7 Magento Support availability & rapid response

Your brand new store's Magento web development is just the first step. Enhanced features, new third party integrations, unexpected issues - we're here to help you deal with all of those no matter the time of day - we're always online and ready to assist!

Magento platform is the most feature-rich eCommerce platform out there, and it is constantly evolving. The same goes for the ever-changing online customer demands. Our Magento support and maintenance department will stand behind your business closely monitoring your website and making sure your eCommerce store is in great visual and technical shape 24/7.

Keeping an eye on the future so you don't have to

Being the eCommerce and Magento enthusiasts that we are, we assure you'll always be in the loop of every new feature and third party integration that is introduced and every Magento upgrade that is needed or preferred, and help your eCommerce website implement the newest technologies. Going with Magento web development services offered by Scandiweb, you will end up with the best and most efficient possible Magento website for your online store.

We don't just follow the trends - we set them. Scandiweb pioneered the first Progressive Web App solution for Magento - ScandiPWA. It`s open-source, hassle-free, and tightly coupled with Magento. Join the hordes of merchants supercharging their websites with PWA for Magento for 300% faster page loading speeds, app-like UX in the browser, and countless other benefits.

Build your website with an expert-level Magento development agency and ensure eCommerce excellence

Who is scandiweb?

Leader in eCommerce, Mobile, and Startups. Since 2003, scandiweb has enabled digital strategy for bootstrapping startups and established brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Peugeot, New York Times, Reuters, JYSK and 600+ other customers in 35 countries. scandiweb is a full-stack, vertically integrated service provider with the largest eCommerce development team in Europe and the US. We bolster digital business strategies with our expertise in KPI management, MarTech, Creatives, and Technology.