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Magento PWA Pioneers
Scandiweb is a forerunner in the industry. Supercharge your Magento eCommerce store with ScandiPWA - best-in-class Magento-first open source PWA theme.
World’s Most Certified Magento Team
No project is too big or too small for the world’s biggest team of certified Magento developers . We make sure every aspect of your eCommerce store receives the attention it deserves.
20+ years of Magento development
From casual Magento migrations to sophisticated solutions, tailored to the needs of automotive and pharmaceutical industries - we’ve done it all.

3 reasons why Scandiweb is a go-to Magento development agency across the eCom

We know exactly what works
Scandiweb Magento development services is a one-stop powerhouse, dedicated to boosting performance of your Magento eCommerce store and helping you drive sales. How? By providing all the necessary Magento development services , meticulously optimizing your eCommerce website and streamlining business workflow.
Dependable 24/7 Magento Support
Our uninterrupted Magento support and maintenance services are here to ensure that your Magento eCommerce website remains operational and keeps generating revenue no matter what. With easy on-boarding, quick response time, client-oriented workflow, and transparent pay-as-you-go fees your Magento website will be in the right hands.
Unlimited capacity for improvement
Scandiweb possesses both brain and muscle to undertake projects of any scope and complexity. From strategizing to optimization, to complex custom eCommerce solution development - our team of Magento eCommerce experts won’t stop at anything. We are 250+ developers, marketers, creatives, and sales hackers whose goal is to drive your success.

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Magento Development Services

Scandiweb is a full-stack web development company whose primary focus is on building eCommerce solutions. With a team composed of 250+ eCom professionals - including Magento developers, software and infrastructure engineers, growth hackers and digital marketing specialists, creatives, customer support and business development experts - we are well equipped to provide a full range of web development services.

Magento being our core competence for the past 11+ years, we have worked with businesses of every scope and budget - from family-owned startups to Fortune 500 companies - time and again making sure the client is happy with their new or updated eCommerce store.

A lot has changed over the years. Magento platform has evolved considerably - first with Magento 1 improving and maturing into a sound eCom tool, until eventually being reinvented as Magento 2 with its multiple advancements and innovative features. Both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce edition users have had the opportunity to experience the benefits of these upgrades first-hand, and Scandiweb is always happy to assist the evolution.

As a development company we have gone through multiple changes too. Our cheery team of Magento aficionados has grown more populous and ever more experienced. We have added new services and departments to our arsenal in order to accommodate for our clients’ direct needs. We have adopted and pioneered some amazing tools that help us build and supercharge Magento stores with unprecedented quality, speed and precision.

At the same time, our core values have remained unchanged. Specifically, our clients have come to appreciate our professional and respectful attitude, growth-oriented mindset, technical prowess and attention to detail. Our goal has always been to deliver the best possible Magento eCommerce solutions to help you streamline your business flow and drive revenue.

Magento & eCommerce innovators

We are not satisfied by simply following the industry trends - instead, we keep an eye on the horizon and work hard to facilitate the positive evolution. Future starts now, and our innovative Magento development services are proof of our determination to push the boundaries of the Magento ecosystem.
Progressive Web Applications: evolution through revolution
We are past the times when Progressive Web Applications (PWA) were merely a fancy buzzword - today we are witnessing it gradually take over large segments of the Web. The eCommerce industry has been among the earliest adopters, and to that end, the
PWA-specific Magento developments have played an important role.
PWA is a remarkable tech and, with the introduction of full out-of-the-box PWA support added in. Magento 2.X, it is no coincidence that many Magento merchants are eager to take advantage of the benefits it provides.
Why is PWA a big deal?
In a nutshell, it allows to create websites that deliver app-like performance and functionality, whilst operating directly in the browser - just like a normal website. This grants merchants and developers alike previously unattainable possibilities and control over their online stores.
Here are a few examples of what your eCommerce site may achieve with the
adoption of PWA:
  • Instant page load
  • Push notifications
  • Homescreen save
  • Access to phone hardware
  • Offline operation capability
All this is available without the need for costly native app development and tedious app-store validation process.
What are the ground-level implications?
Budget savings, modern sought-after features, awesome new UI possibilities, greater customer engagement, higher conversion rates. Additionally, since Magento 2 is fully compatible with PWA, the two can be easily coupled for a next-generation online store with PWA acting as the front-end and Magento securing the back-end functionality.
PWA and Scandiweb
Scandiweb has been among the pioneers in the field of PWA solution development. Our corresponding flagship project is scandipwa , an open-source Magento-first PWA theme.
The solution is being actively developed and is highly acclaimed by both Magento and PWA communities for its reliability, universality and community support. To date it is the fastest way to get a ready-to-use PWA for any Magento store, with development and production environments accessible in just 15 minutes!
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In tune with the Magento ecosystem
In our 11+ years of involvement with Magento, Scandiweb has sought to not only find ways to fit in, but actively contribute to the development of both the Magento platform and community, as well as serve as a mediator between merchants and developers worldwide.
This path has taken us across the world - promoting, organizing and hosting multiple meetups, conferences and roundtables. Destinations include Barcelona, New York, Cairo, Dubai, as well as online, with some of our more notable events being eCOM 360 and Meet Magento Baltics. Needless to say, as participants, we’ve joined countless other events and conventions centered around Magento web development.
Inventive, open-minded, technically advanced
Our expertise is firmly rooted in our extensive experience of being in the business of Magento development for the past 11+ years. In this time our team has delivered a multitude of eCom solutions of varying complexity for companies big and small, occupying every possible market niche.
Our clients range from B2C to B2B, luxury fashion to pharmaceuticals, toys to automotive, family owned small businesses to retail giants and Fortune 500 companies. The Scandiweb team of Magento developers has created the world's first fully digital online car buying platform, enabled unprecedented shopping experiences with integrated Virtual Reality showrooms, built the first double-blind prescription pharmacy solution on Magento, and much, much more.
In our work we aim to go beyond merely providing solid Magento development services, we deliver world-class innovative Magento eCom experiences. Nothing is impossible. Start your Magento journey with Scandiweb and have your highest expectations fulfilled!
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Featured customers

We chose Scandiweb for their expertise in Magento and scalable development team. They have been responsive to our wishes and adapted and delivered an e-commerce solution that we are pleased with. Both regarding the webshop itself, and recently the solution for prescription drugs. The requirements of the Medical Products Agency are high, it was, therefore, important that Scandiweb delivered the integration between the external systems and Magento correctly and according to plan. Which they did.” - Johan Bergenheim, co-founder, and CEO at Apohem.
Johan Bergenheim
Co-Founder and CEO