No luck optimizing Magento 2/Adobe Commerce PageSpeed? Scandiweb will help you out!

You may have already tried different methods to improve your Magento 2/Adobe Commerce PageSpeed like
  • M2 bundling
  • Advanced bundling
  • Baler
  • JS/CSS minification
  • Moving CSS and JS files to the bottom
  • Merging JS and other sorts of optimizations
...And still, you did not succeed. We’ll sort that out!

We can get a 70+ PageSpeed score for your Magento 2/Adobe store!

Why care about PageSpeed for Magento 2?

Google’s algorithms prioritize websites that provide a quality mobile user experience (a better customer experience). One of the key factors enabling that is the PageSpeed metric. With a fast enough PageSpeed, an eCommerce website can top the search results
Slow PageSpeed can affect your conversion rates and SEO rankings in no time. Hitting a PageSpeed of 70 and above should be one of the priorities for any eCommerce site. Otherwise, its search visibility and organic traffic will go under as well as the shop’s revenue
PageSpeed issues usually arouse when an extensive ongoing development is in progress. The reasons for PageSpeed to go down can be:
  • A relatively new build (one of the latest versions) of a Magento 2 store
  • A complex Magento 2 build
  • Aftermath of Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

What you get with the Magento 2/Adobe Commerce PageSpeed score optimization

Fast loading pages enabling smooth customer experience
Better SEO rankings leading to an increase in organic traffic
Optimization of the necessary templates instead of a full Magento 2 rebuilding
Fully optimized the Core Web Vitals metrics that directly impact search rankings

Why optimize PageSpeed with Scandiweb?

With our PageSpeed optimization techniques, you won’t need to tweak all the templates, like login, register, account pages, cart, checkout, etc. The whole optimization process will go smoothly, with low risks and time saved.


Experienced team of
eCommerce experts
Own-developed PageSpeed optimization methodology


proactive approach and support

Optimize the PageSpeed score of your Magento 2 store with Scandiweb

How we improve PageSpeed for Magento 2/Adobe Commerce

Fall-back mechanism allows us to implement M2 Theme that is already based on the codebase, optimized for Google requirements
We gradually optimize the templates, with all crucial elements in place, gradually boosting the PageSpeed of your Magento 2/Adobe store
Here’s an example of how we do it illustrated by our template-by-template approach
Implementation of the brand new M2 Theme build from scratch
Choosing which template should be optimized first, e.g HOME (PDP, PLP, Home or other)
Implementation of the required design for the HOME, as you have already on LIVE for the chosen template on the new theme.
All the requests related to the HOME will be sent a new HOME template in the new Theme.
Once HOME is done, we can launch it with great scores. Further on, we can proceed with the next template.

Scandiweb PageSpeed FAQ

How does it work?
We re-write necessary Magento 2 templates to optimize PageSpeed Score.
Do I have to rebuild the whole site?
No. We strongly recommend starting optimizing a single template, e.g. Product Page or any other that appears critical. Gradual templates’ optimization enables us to
  • Launch optimizations faster
  • Optimize only the templates that are crucial
  • Avoid lengthy and expensive full redesign projects
  • Mitigate the risks of launching a re-built site with errors.
Can you commit to a high score?
Actually, we are aiming higher, to have at least 85+ for mobile devices. We would be committing to a 70+ score, without marketing scripts to keep it fair.
Are there any prerequisites?
Yes, there are! A good PageSpeed Score also requires having proper CDN, upgraded Magento version, correctly sized images, proper server-side setup. We will help with all of that if necessary.
Does it work for Magento 1 sites
No, this is built only for Magento 2.
Does it work with Magento 2 Commerce and or Cloud?
Yes, it does.
How much does it cost? How much time does it take?
The very first template is going to be more time-consuming as we will need to re-create all supporting components like the footer, header, the menu, and others that appear on the template. 

Also, it depends on the complexity of your site elements that will need to be recreated. Usually, the first template falls in the range of 10k-15k EUR/USD, with the next being lower as we will already have the elements that will be reused (header, footer, menu, etc). 

We see increasing the PageSpeed score as one of the key areas of improvement for any eCommerce website. Activities for increasing PageSpeed can be implemented along with CRO, UI/UX optimizations, AI services implementation by our Support & Maintenance dedicated team.