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UK Retailer Experience with Adobe Commerce (Magento) | eCommerce Report

The shopper behavioral changes in recent years have made retail eCommerce even more challenging than it already was. Retailers must act swiftly to meet shifting consumer demands and rising omnichannel and seamless shopping expectations. 

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is among the top eCommerce platforms that the majority of merchants choose for their online stores. With that in mind, scandiweb in collaboration with Gravitas, a B2B research company from the UK, conducted research to discover UK retail eCommerce leaders’ experience and key business challenges within the Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform. 

We interviewed eCommerce Directors & CTOs from the top 20 Adobe Commerce retail stores in the UK to determine how successful their developer teams are in managing the platform and learn how these dynamics impact their current business and future plans.

If you’re a retail eCommerce leader or manager responsible for your company’s Adobe Commerce platform management, we guarantee you’ll find insights from this report interesting and useful.

By downloading this report, you get access to insights covering the following areas of Adobe Commerce (Magento) optimization and management:

  • Top challenges within the platform
  • Speed, quality, and stability of developer delivery
  • Developer roadmap visibility
  • Meeting budget goals for development requests
  • Developer focus: proactive vs reactive
  • What retail eCommerce leaders would change about their development efforts

Here’s a glimpse of UK eCommerce leader interviews used as the basis for this research. Open the video in a new tab to get access to the Expert Series full playlist!

Expert Series with UK eCommerce Leaders: Paul Ratcliffe from KCS
Expert Series with UK eCommerce Leaders: Stephen Morris from OKA

Key takeaways

  1. The biggest challenges revolve around finding skilled developers who can successfully handle platform complexity to satisfy the demanding requirements of retail eCommerce
  2. Feature configuration is powerful, platform updates impact other site functionality, and implementing native modules is important—all require expert developers

“We aren’t actually moving forward because we’re, we’re playing catch up. We’re patching bugs, we’re doing work around to resolve, or to get what we need done with the functionality we have. I feel like we aren’t delivering on a roadmap at the speed at which I would like.”

Head of eCommerce, Luxury Apparel
  1. Delivery speed varies based on process oversight and project management
  2. Well-defined development processes help to ensure quality delivery

“Every couple of weeks or so I will have a discussion with the project manager and we will put our work into sprints. So we do have the ability to be able to prioritize. And then in terms of delivering, actually it is pretty quick, provided we get our work booked and the agency are able to put quite a lot of hours in.”

eCommerce Manager, Food and Beverage
  1. Retail eCommerce leaders want their developers to also have CX design and CRO skills and a commercial, not just a reactive and tactical mindset

“My take is that I think there’s specialists in Magento / Adobe Commerce and that’s all they know. And as a result, they don’t see how other products work, both in the commerce space, but also in other technology verticals like CRM, like customer service, like order management. They don’t necessarily have that creativity to say, okay, well we see this over here and I’ve seen this work like that. What about something like this?”

Head of Digital, Homegoods Store

Get full insights from our deep dive into managing the business on Adobe Commerce (Magento), told by retail eCommerce leaders, by downloading this free report!

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