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Progressive web apps:
a revolution in ecommerce

Curious how Pinterest got a 296% increase in session length and AliExpress doubled their conversion rates and user engagement? How Twitter reduced data consumption by 70% and River North Hotel increased revenue by 300%? Using PWA.

Progressive Web App technology combines the best of the web with the best of what native apps have to offer, creating a phenomenal mobile user experience. PWA development is your chance to win over mobile users by distinguishing yourself from the competition and offering a superior digital journey that translates into higher engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates.
Here`s how:

Instant page load
Offline browsing
App-like UX in the browser
Low data usage
Deployable to App stores
No updates required
Home-screen save & push notifications

The very first ready-to-use open source pwa theme for Magento

Recognizing the huge potential of PWA technology in eCommerce early allowed Scandiweb`s team to immediately begin crafting and building a PWA solution for Magento, aiming to become the trendsetting pioneers. And we sure did. In 2018 ScandiPWA was developed as the first ready-to-use PWA eCommerce solution for Magento-based stores.

Connecting Magento and PWA directly, skipping the middle layer, we`ve been able to utilize all Magento features without a need to reinvent them. As a detailed and delicate work of a dedicated developer team, ScandiPWA has it all. Starting with styles, class organization, thoughtful architecture, and on to small-scale optimizations with attention to every little detail and every little part of the app - all to maximize front-end client-side capacity to be fast and responsive, as well as user-friendly and engaging.

Our ScandiPWA theme can be implemented on any Magento 2 version project without changes to the core infrastructure. With the ScandiPWA tech capability to preload every layout, customers will be able to roam from page to page with the necessary content provided in an instant.

Experience what your Magento 2 store could feel like with our ScandiPWA demo:

ScandiPWA Demo

Here’s what Magento titans say about ScandiPWA

"They’ve built an amazing implementation of PWA experience"

Ben Marks
Magento Evangelist

"What ScandiPWA have done is pretty admirable"

Eric Erway
Sr. Manager of Product Management

Create unique customer experiences

Instant loading
If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, half of the users will move on to the next one - that`s a fact. Don`t want this to happen? With Progressive Web Apps, loading time isn`t even a concern anymore.
Imagine a shopper visiting your Magento online store and the page load takes milliseconds. And once loaded, it`s smooth sailing - your progressive web app shows images, animations, and videos, offers effortless scrolling, immediate interaction, and much faster checkout than ever. This is what getting PWA for Magento will imply.
You can pretty much wave goodbye to a slow user interface and unresponsive scrolling or clicking. With the PWA eCommerce solution, your Magento store`s performance is going to achieve up to 300% improvement in speed in comparison with the way it was before migration to Magento PWA.
Improved UX
With the use of Progressive Web Apps, the user experience can be optimized to the max, and nowadays eCommerce is all about the UX, - so much so the product itself becomes secondary. Ensure higher conversion rates by engaging the customers with a unique, immersive user experience each time they visit your online store.
PWAs are universal - they work exactly the same on each device.Your customers will appreciate the app-like quality PWAs have in the sense that there are no blank screens, the experience is uninterrupted and seamless. So, if you are looking to bring a much smoother, quicker, more fun, and overall greater browsing experience to your shoppers - create a Progressive Web App.
Offline mode
Envision an online store that is accessible and usable even high in the air or underground in the most uncertain network conditions. Shopping continues uninterrupted, products get placed in carts, checkout forms are being filled in.Sounds impossible? Not with Progressive Web Apps.
Your store is saved on the user devices already, so they can access it anywhere and browse the progressive web application offline. Once they are back online, the order will get synced and processed automatically. Most importantly -this won`t affect the loading speed, giving your customers a truly great shopping experience no matter the network connectivity.
Push notifications
To keep the users engaged and re-engage the ones that visited the store, but abandoned their cart half checked-out, PWAs offer support for push notifications. They can be sent if the PWA itself is not open. If done well, this feature will give customers additional motivation to open the web app and use it,ensuring up to double the time spent on it and up to 4 times increase in your conversions.
Home screen ready
Progressive Web Apps have a major advantage over apps and websites.Potential customers are able to add your PWA to their Home screen directly from the browser, so they are a lot quicker to deploy. No one likes to wait! With a progressive web application, there is no need to bookmark it as a web page, nor roam around Google Apps or App Store to find and download it. This also means creating a full native-app experience without the hustle of coding and review process like it would be for a regular app.
Since the PWAs are native-app-like, your shoppers won`t even need a browser once the web app is added and displayed on their Home screen. It`s gonna open fullscreen and work in the context of itself. Furthermore, updates on PWAs happen automatically on a single instance and don`t require regular long installation processes.
The progressive web application is built to be super light in terms of data requests, so you can get great browsing experiences in areas with slow connections. Since Progressive Web Apps require no download, they use a very small chunk of user mobile phone memory. The content is accessible quickly and directly via URL, regardless of whether your users have a 2G connection when using PWA, or find themselves in an area with spotty coverage.

How much does a PWA solution
for your Magento store cost?

how to get started?

Conquer the internet with PWA

Progressive Web Apps are not only a delight for Magento merchants and their online shoppers - developers have a blast with PWA development.
A single solution
PWAs are super developer-friendly, made in a single programming language to work across all devices, and can get shipped to different platforms and operating systems. You can also skip the app publishing and update restrictions, with Magento PWAs, the updates go live as soon as the progressive web app gets published.
Worth noting that PWAs are open-sourced and there`s a whole PWA and Magento community for devs to engage with, share their solutions and new modifications to ultimately make the most out of this revolutionary technology.
Service workers
Devs have full control and endless possibilities in one technical foundation they can build upon - called service workers. Network requests and content storage are being handled by a script that runs separately in the background of the browser without the need for user interaction. Offline mode, periodic background sync, data storage for dynamic use no longer bound in servers, push notifications - all these features are carried out by service workers as full-on client-side cache agents. Typically offline experiences this rich would require a native app, but with Progressive Web Apps this functionality gets introduced on the web.
Speed potential
In most cases, PWAs show great potential in speed. The fact that service workers allow pages to load in an instant ensures a pleasant and reliable user experience. And this capacity can be explored further still. With Progressive Web Apps developers can reach new levels of abstraction and have the quickest user interactions, the fastest working elements, the most reactive libraries. There are no limits to the technological, visual, and functional possibilities the PWA technology opens up.

Developed by the largest Magento team

A team of passionate eCommerce developers with deep expertise in Magento will readily take on any project idea and convert it into a PWA solution. Ours is the largest and most certified Magento team of 200+ developers that can skyrocket your Magento online store and make sure it works impeccably and looks great.

Having mastered Magento`s built-in toolset to its fullest, we make sure that you as a merchant don`t have to deal with the unnecessary complexity of a solution. On the contrary - these are the same familiar tools that have proven to be working seamlessly. Get the best UX and UI by migrating your Magento store to PWA with Scandiweb.

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Build your own Progressive Web App independently from scratch or save time and money and implement a ready-to-go solution for your Magento store. Either way - investing in Magento PWA will be a great decision for your eCommerce business. Get it to flourish and reach positive ROI in a matter of months.
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