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Is Vue.js good for eCommerce?

Vue.js is a React-based JavaScript framework for building fast eCommerce front-end—e.g. in the form of single-page applications and Progressive Web Applications—optimized for performance and scaling across all devices.

What are the superpowers of Vue.js?

Speed of development
Virtual DOM, reusable shared components, and boilerplates enable faster development and maintenance
Timely deployability
Vue.js is an extremely lightweight, compact, and easy to set up JavaScript network, allowing for fast deployment and prototyping of the eCommerce front-end
History mode, Vue Router, Lazy Loading, pre-rendering, server-side-rendering, and other features allow building websites optimized for competing for high search results
Integrability and scaling
Vue.js can be swiftly and smoothly integrated into the existing apps, gradually fine-tuned, updated, and scaled up
Enhanced customer experience
With Vue.js, you can build powerful single-page apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA), enabling a seamless customer experience that leads to conversions growth on all devices

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Why choose Scandiweb for eCommerce
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With the largest in-house eCommerce development team in Europe and the US, Scandiweb has been delivering world-class digital solutions for 18+ years
Full-scale front-end development with Modern JS libraries and frameworks: React, Vue.js, Gatsby, Next.js
All-encompassing integration of Modern JavaScript frameworks with eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopware, Commercetools, Shopify, etc
Custom, adaptive front-end solutions, with no need to alter usual business workflows or switch to a different eCommerce platform

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Vue.js success stories with Scandiweb

Storefront development for a digital platform allowing to buy cars fully online
Full setup of New York Times store with Vue.js and Shopify custom development

What professionals say about us

Scandiweb has helped us greatly to understand an implement our ecommerce platform on Magento.
Head of News Agency Applications
Erik Klepper
Scandiweb proved to be a good fit and we are very happy with the commitment and dedication from both our team and the company
Team Lead / PO at Happysocks
Victor Emilson
We have performed  projects with Scandiweb and to be honest is a pleasure to work with them!
eCommerce Manager
Marc Muntané
We have been increasingly impressed with Scandiweb since we began working with them on our website.
Director of IT
Jimmy Yoon
PUMA on ScandiPWA has 3 – 4 times better performance than any other site in the group.
Chief Architect
Jason Barney
Working with Scandiweb has been a positive experience, they have consistently kept their timelines and have competent people with the technical expertise to finish the job..
Director of IT
Jón H. Bartels

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