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4 reasons why PWAs are simpler than you think

Addressing popular concerns about PWA

ScandiPWA is in full-swing: hundreds of people are playing with our demo, there are projects already in the works, we’re receiving more and more requests for estimates, and, of course, we’re starting to gather feedback regarding things that could be improved and what people find confusing.

To our surprise, despite PWA being one of the hottest topics in eCommerce today, many people ascribe a managerial complexity to this technology that’s just not there. The misconceptions result in an unfounded fear from the hassle and expected expenses to be incurred from working with the technology.

So, let’s clarify as laconically as possible:

Despite the countless benefits PWA offers it’s just SUCH a hassle, right? Wrong.

With ScandiPWA, convenience is principal and unlike other solutions on the market, ScandiPWA is a theme that is installable on top of any M2.3 project. No infrastructure changes, no middleware, no problems. Getting started is hassle-free.


Ok, but I’m short on manpower, how big should the dev team be? A team of 1 is enough.

A single developer in a couple of hours can have a functional PWA store up and running and ready for customization. ScandiPWA is installable via composer and doesn’t require any manual installation work with cloning. Thanks to composer, even the updates are automatic, meaning you always have the latest stable version.

Still… it will take a while for that dev to get familiar with ScandiPWA. Less than you think!

ScandiPWA is a Magento-first solution, so the countless benefits come on top of all Magento out-of-the-box features. Following Magento’s example in crucial aspects, e.g. doing rewrites, means your devs will feel right in their element.

Interesting, but can I trust ScandiPWA? Results and feedback speak for themselves.

It’s open source, it’s celebrated for the technology, it’s spoken very highly of in the Magento community. The core team is constantly updating the theme, with weekly releases. What’s more there are several eCommerce projects in development, all contributing to the main theme.

To Summarize

ScandiPWA is a hassle-free, quick-to-setup, Magento-first, open source PWA solution, created to be accessible and convenient, while supercharging your storefront with all the benefits of PWA.

Check out the fresh redesign of, read all about PWA on our blog, browse the GitHub repository, or explore the brand new version of the demo store. Feel the speed and power of PWAs and imagine how your website could benefit from this. Head over here to get your free estimate!

Curious to learn more about ScandiPWA? Looking for a PWA solution for your eCommerce store? Let us help you! To learn all about PWA, check our complete PWA guide. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], or schedule a call with one of our staff to see how we can help you!



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