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Our promise

Ongoing EDU
Every employee has access to best in class resources & training to support their professional growth, incl. Conversion XL & Baymard Institute.
Online office
No matter where you are in the world our online office is always there for you to connect with the team, participate in online games and challenges.
Every month scandiweb empolyees have an opportunity to say thank you to their colleagues with actual money!

Your onboarding

Step 1:
Legal consultancy, with specific problem scanning or running a full legal/tech audit
Step 2:
Detecting case-related regulations based on your location, industry, operations, etc
Step 3:
Identifying procedures, rules, processes, and documentation workflow that needs to be met
Step 4:
Developing legal documentation and workflows, including automation solutions
Step 5:
Introducing solutions to eliminate regulatory, compliance, and reputational risks, as well as human error

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