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Meet your mentor

Lina Ivanova
Department Lead
Olegs Orlovs
Senior SEO Specialist
Ahmed Ashraf
Senior PPC Strategist
Arturs Ozolins
Senior PPC Strategist

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scandiweb international team is represented in more than 30 countries

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Our promise

Ongoing Education
We are great believers in education and its power in skill improvement in any level position. We value self-growth highly, however, we make sure that internal learning inventory is open to all who cares to level-up their skill in certain areas. All you need is dedication to learn and we promise a helping hand to do so.
Online Office
Internationality is our middle name. Our employees are coming from variety of countries, and it is up to us to keep everyone connected. Digital Campus is a online office in which we have weekly fun activities and educational events.
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What to expect from onboarding?

Get Ready To Start!
When the job offer is accepted, your dedicated onboarding specialist gets in touch with you to begin the preparation process by setting a start date, gathering the necessary information, and informing you about the plan and schedule for your first day.
Onboarding Day
The big day is here! To set you off on the best start, you will go through our internal academy intro course which will equip you with the essential knowledge about scandiweb, the platforms we use, and the daily routines we follow. You will also have an intro meeting with your onboarding specialist/mentor!
Role-specific Training
During the initial weeks, we prioritize role-specific training, which encompasses both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical tasks. Our training program not only includes meticulously crafted courses by our team but also incorporates external courses to provide you with comprehensive knowledge.
Follow-ups and Feedback
During your first month at scandiweb, you will communicate with your onboarding specialist as well as team lead and/or mentor regularly. You will receive guidance and feedback through follow-up communication and check-in meetings.
Your First Project
When your initial training period is completed, you will join your first project and proceed with the next phase of your training plan in parallel to the project.

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