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Why PIM is crucial for an eCommerce business

PIM (Product Information Management) system is the circulatory system of any eCommerce business. Connecting various sources of product data and channels of distribution (CRM, ERP, suppliers, stores, etc), it acts as the information repository and ensures the data across all channels is consistent, up-to-date, standardized, and transparent. A correctly implemented PIM system enables optimized cross-interactions, a shorter go-to-market cycle, better customer experience, and improvement of ROI.

What your eCommerce business gets with PIM implementation

A correctly deployed Product Information Management system can significantly boost the efficiency of your eCommerce business
Consistent product data flow
Instantly keep your product data up-to-date and immune to inaccuracies and unauthorized altering across all channels
Transparent product data monitoring
Let your employees manage and track product data with ease, with one source of truth for product data monitoring
Optimized and centralized data management
Manage thousands of products with various SKUs that are being interacted with by different locations and entities
Informed business analytics insights
Get discrepancy-free data on your product flows to analyze and facilitate an informed decision-making process
Enhanced customer experience
Give your clients a flawless customer experience with personalization, and streamlined, timely updates of your product data across all touchpoints
Improved ROI and spendings cutbacks
Cut unnecessary costs and increase ROI with streamlined and automated solutions

Pain points of our customers before PIM platform integration

Our shoppers are confused with duplicate products, repetitive descriptions and unfinished products enabled on production as we have no product data quality control
We were loosing online revenue cause our Excel based product management let us publishing only 10% of our 600K large catalog and process different product data formats from different vendors
We have no visibility on how many products are missing information, how many are ready to be published and how many are actually sellable
Product updates and new product publishing stopped, when responsible person was on vacation as nobody except him could understand complex Excel multi-sheet relationships
We felt our brand lacked credibility as some products were updated and enriched 100% and some missed the basics
Our business is less successful in foreign expansion as we have no way anybody who can tell us even how many of our products have been translated or not, the team had to check them one by one

Why choose Scandiweb for PIM implementation?

We are world-renowned, award-winning specialists in PIM implementation for businesses running on Magento, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms. Our team of 500+ eCommerce experts is capable of deploying PIM systems for any project.
The team of 500+ eCommerce experts
We are a world-renowned eCommerce agency, with 18+ years in the market and 500+ successfully realized projects for different brands and companies
TOP 3 Akeneo cases
Scandiweb was awarded among the TOP 3 Akeneo PIM implementations. Scandiweb’s Akeneo implementation for technodom.kz—an electronics retailer and the largest PWA store in the world—won a stiff competition against 50 other cases
Official Akeneo solutions partner
As an official Akeneo partner, we have the access to extensive support and training directly from Akeneo—this helps solve your most complex challenges and get the most out of Akeneo's potential
Actionable knowledge and innovations
We go the extra mile when implementing a PIM system for a specific project, fully customizing it to the client's needs. We even developed our own Akeneo Connector that significantly extends its functionalities and use cases

Our customers’ benefits after PIM integration

59 countries & 8 languages

PIM helped our customer to roll out in59 countries with 8 languages in as littleas 9 weeks

API-first PIM architecture allowed OpenAI Completion API integration for event description generation for global event platform

costs cut off by 30%

Merchants report human labour costs cut off by 30% after PIM integration

decreased by 60%

Site abandonment from product page decreased by 60% due to PIM’s minimal quality and completeness standard to keep consistent product information across all catalogue completeness standard to keep consistent product information across all catalogue

increased online revenue by 12%

B2B merchant increased online revenue by 12% integrating marketplaces directly into PIM as the source of product data

$100,000 year

Translation automation implemented inside PIM cut translation costs by $100,000 year for our customer operating in 5 countries

Enriched product data positively correlates with eCommerce conversion rate

immediate product update

Enables immediate product update and predictable time to market for new product lines

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brands empowered


team of eCommerce experts


years on the market

What PIM services Scandiweb offers


PIM integration
PIM maintenance
Introduction of advanced roles
Bug fixing
Data health check

Choose your PIM technology

Akeneo PIM enables omnichannel product experiences and is trusted by over 500 enterprise customers
Inriver is an easy-to-use, secure SaaS PIM solution that enables frictionless customer experience and is trusted by 600+ companies
Pimcore's PIM is a cloud-based, on-premises, and open-source software trusted by 100K+ brands from different industries

Comparison of popular PIM platforms - Akeneo, Pimcore and InRiver

Every PIM platform lets users store, enrich, and manage complex product information. Every PIM platform centralizes product-related data and streamlines the process of updating and managing accurate information throughout multiple sales and marketing channels.

How Scandiweb ignites business success with efficient PIM implementation

One of the top global Akeneo implementation cases
Akeneo PIM integration for data enrichment team of 25 people
Replacing feature-rich Hybris PIM with Akeneo Enterprise solution, customization, and configuration
Advanced syncing solution with Magento to power real-time product upgrades
Helping the leading cycling accessories manufacturer to get out of product data silos
Replacement of the stalled Webkul module with the Scandiweb Akeneo Connector
The full control over product data passed to Magento's side
Streamlining of the product data categorization across products types, families, and attributes
Introduction and customization of crucial features, e.g. URL and image sync, related and cross-related products sync, bulk actions, rich text formatting, 500 errors, etc
Inriver PIM implementation for Byggmax – one of the biggest construction tools and materials retailers in the Nordics
Modern user experience made possible with a flawless PIM implementation providing up-to-date delivery of stock and prices information.
Significantly improved performance and a unified user experience across all Byggmax stores, services, and support in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
Tailor-made AWS infrastructure ensuring near-zero downtime during deployments.
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