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Case Study: Unifying Product Information with Pimcore PIM

Wainbee, established in 1975, is a top Canadian company specializing in engineering systems for controlling motion, filtering, and automating processes in industries. It’s the largest distributor of Parker products in Canada and collaborates closely with customers to improve various engineering systems.

scandiweb has been supporting Wainbee for a few years via the following services:

  • eCommerce Growth team
  • Adobe Commerce support & maintenance
  • Traffic Acquisition: SEO & PPC
  • CRO
  • Analytics

Our main goal for this project was to integrate a modern and flexible product management system that would connect seamlessly with the client’s main suppliers and ERP system.

Business needs and challenges

Due to difficulties in managing product information, only 10% of Wainbee’s items were accessible online. To resolve this, we had to introduce a PIM solution to ensure that all 100% of their products could be offered online.

We needed to establish an API connection with their system in order to make over 600,000 products accessible online. To accomplish this, it was essential to gather, structure, and update all the product information, including the SKU data.

One of the hurdles we had to tackle was dealing with various suppliers who provided CSV and XLS files with different structures. The first step was to standardize the format of these files to ensure smooth uploading of product information into the system.

At the same time, we had to streamline the way attributes were managed in Magento. This way, all updates could be made within the new system without the need to access Magento separately.

Approach and solution

Pimcore is an open-source digital platform designed to consolidate, enhance, and manage enterprise data, offering customers tailored and up-to-date experiences. It serves as a centralized solution for product information management (PIM) in a seamlessly integrated platform.

We decided to go with Pimcore as it allowed us to:

  • Receive information for millions of products from different suppliers in different import formats and structures (API, CSV, XLS, etc.)
  • Facilitate processing of received information with minimal manual input from personnel
  • Unify/standardize the format and structure of the product information
  • Sync, update, and manage the information as the business required
  • Fully manage the products in one platform

With the order processing logic made compatible with the ERP system, new order attributes were added, and the API was extended. 

We set up a 1:1 Magento-Pimcore structure for managing attributes (via our own Pimcore connector). This allowed us to handle everything within Pimcore, including synchronization and updates.


There is no longer a need to access Magento for product updates. Everything has been centralized within Pimcore. Additionally, regardless of the format and structure used by the client’s suppliers to submit product information, everything is seamlessly integrated into the platform.

With Pimcore PIM, Wainbee will soon see 100% of its products available online. 

scandiweb is a Gold Partner of Pimcore. We have a team of certified Pimcore experts that can take on any project that could benefit from Pimcore PIM. If you are facing challenges with product information management, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

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