Product Feeds Management

scandiweb expertly manages your product feeds for top marketplaces and ad channels, increasing your visibility and revenue without any hassle for you.

Trusted by 600+ leading global brands

Trusted by global leading brands

Optimize product feeds

Streamlined, effective feeds management for marketplaces and ads.

Increase Product Visibility

Increase Product Visibility

Well-managed product feeds ensure that your products are displayed accurately and are visible across multiple online channels, marketplaces, and advertising platforms

Improve Sales and ROI

Improve Sales and ROI

Optimized product feeds can significantly enhance the relevance and appeal of your product listings, which in turn can improve click-through rates, conversion rates, and ultimately sales

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining the process of managing product feeds reduces manual work, minimizes errors, and ensures that product listings are consistent and up-to-date

Your product feeds - taken care of

scandiweb's all-in-one solution for optimizing your product listings and maximizing marketplace impact.

Full-spectrum product feed management

From setup to optimization, rely on scandiweb to handle every aspect of your product feeds. Our team ensures no sale is missed due to non-compliant SKUs, maintains continuous feed flow, and proactively addresses any issues for uninterrupted campaign success.

Strategic support and visibility enhancement

Enhance your product's visibility and performance with scandiweb's dedicated support. We provide tailored strategies for audience engagement, optimize for the best campaign outcomes, and troubleshoot compliance issues to keep your KPIs on target.

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Product feed solutions

Access advanced feed management for accurate listings, optimized exposure on marketplaces and ad channels, and consistent sales growth.

Data mapping

Accurately map your catalog to channel-specific requirements.

Feed optimization

Fine-tune product listings for peak performance on search and shopping channels.

Real-time analytics

Monitor feed performance with real-time metrics and insights.

Automated feed updates

Keep listings up-to-date with scheduled, automated feed refreshes.

Channel integration

Seamlessly connect to major marketplaces and advertising platforms.

Feed expansion

Easily add new products and expand to additional channels.

Custom feed attributes

Tailor product attributes to highlight unique selling points.

Feed health checks

Regular audits to identify and fix issues impacting feed quality and performance.

Deep dive into your product feeds

If you already run product feeds, applying best practices and cleaning up all reported issues can drastically increase value of paid campaigns.

Feed strategy & optimization

Refine feed titles, descriptions, and categorizations for maximum relevance and reach.

Technical feed check

Evaluate feed structure, attributes sync, and data integrity to ensure optimal feed performance.

Performance review & action plan

Expand your product visibility with strategic placement across new marketplaces and ad channels.

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