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What is Modern JS?

Modern JavaScript is a powerful programming language that enables a smooth user experience on all device types across different channels. Its libraries and frameworks—like React, Next.js, Vue.JS, Gatsby—are easy to use, and extremely efficient for building and deploying the eCommerce front-end.

Why use Modern JavaScript
frameworks for eCommerce?

Modern JS frameworks provide high flexibility and scalability. Giving unlimited freedom in front-end development, they power up omnichannel user experience leading to revenue growth.
Modern JS frameworks and libraries enable fast and efficient data processing, triggering timely updates and quality user experience
Unlike monolithic front-end systems that strictly predefine content distribution and its presentation, Modern JS frameworks are implemented with headless and/or decoupled approaches, enabling higher flexibility and adaptivity
Get unlimited freedom of development. Being flexible and adaptive, modern JS frameworks enable instant content delivery and can be easily scaled up in accordance with business goals, and evolving competitive environment
PWA and SPA transformation
Modern JavaScript frameworks make the implementation of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and single-page apps (SPA) easy: PWA and SPA provide an optimized user experience on mobile and desktop, leading to higher conversion rates

What makes headless/decoupled
front-end the future?

Headless/decoupled approaches enable a better user experience as well as a distinct separation between different systems allowing for managing front-end and back-end architectures independently as the business environment evolves
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A Choice of Modern JS libraries and frameworks to fit your business needs

Why choose Scandiweb?

Full-scale front-end development with Modern JS libraries and frameworks: React, Vue.js, Gatsby, Next.js
All-encompassing integration of Modern JS frameworks with eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopware, Commercetools, Shopify, etc
Custom, adaptive front-end solutions, without a need to alter usual business workflows or switch to a different eCommerce platform

How we help brands unleash revenue sources
across all channels with Modern JS

Puma became the first sports shoe manufacturer to build their eCommerce store using ScandiPWA. The third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world and one of the world’s leading sports brands increased their online's store performance by 4 times.
With the introduction of fully headless infrastructure on .NET, React, and Next.js, the leading kitchenware retailer of the Nordic states significantly improved the performance of their business, including a 148% increase in mobile revenue.—a US branch of an international business specializing in selling medical equipment and accessories—got an enhanced website with an up-to-date technology stack, extended functionality with third-party integrations, and went through PWA transformation. As a result, Medisave got a 17% increase in conversion rate.

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What professionals say about us

scandiweb has helped us greatly to understand an implement our ecommerce platform on Magento.
Head of News Agency Applications
Erik Klepper
scandiweb proved to be a good fit and we are very happy with the commitment and dedication from both our team and the company
Team Lead / PO at Happysocks
Victor Emilson
We have done projects with scandiweb and, to be honest, it is a pleasure to work with them!
eCommerce Manager
Marc Muntané
We have been increasingly impressed with scandiweb since we began working with them on our website.
Director of IT
Jimmy Yoon
PUMA on ScandiPWA has 3 – 4 times better performance than any other site in the group.
Chief Architect
Jason Barney
Working with scandiweb has been a positive experience, they have consistently kept their timelines and have competent people with the technical expertise to finish the job..
Director of IT
Jón H. Bartels

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