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Why microservices architecture is good for eCommerce

In microservices architecture (MSA), business functionalities and logic, e.g. PIM, CMS, payment workflows, etc, are streamlined across different APIs. Each microservices can be integrated, reused, or removed whenever needed, enabling businesses to rapidly upscale and introduce updates quickly.

What are the benefits of microservices for eCommerce?

Headless and decoupled approaches make every microservices a powerful, autonomous entity—integrate or remove any microservice easily and update at any time, without affecting the whole eCommerce ecosystem
Updatability and niche expertise
Modules in microservices are independent and attributed to a specific dev team responsible for them—this enables stand-alone debugging, testing, and asynchronous deployment for each microservice
Microservices enable fast and efficient data processing, timely updates, faster delivery to the market, and provide a quality user experience across all customer channels
Lower maintenance costs
Compared to monolithic architecture, modules in microservices codebases are usually smaller, reducing development and maintenance costs

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These brands chose Scandiweb for microservices development

Development of microservices architecture for the leading kitchenware retailer, with a sophisticated business structure and logic, including 68 physical stores, various databases, social media, ERP, CRM, payment gateways integrations, etc.
With Scandiweb, Rockar has already become the first digital platform for buying premium Jaguar Land Rover vehicles fully online. Scandiweb is facilitating Rockar’s digital transformation towards architecture running on 12 microservices that power a number of PWA storefronts and back-office through GraphQL API gateway—all of that orchestrated with Kubernetes cluster.

Take advantage of our own developed project management methodology based on the System Engineering approach, used by NASA, Tesla, SpaceX, Ford, and alike

Defining expectations, goals and understanding the context of the business you are in.
Platform choice and roadmap preparation to meet business deadlines. Proof of concept.
User journey and UX personalization for your target audience. 3rd party integrations.
Design & Development
User journey and UX personalization for your target audience. 3rd party integrations.
Launch of your microservices architecture. Ongoing 24/7 support for post-go-live improvements. Strategic roadmap preparation to meet business goals for the next 2-5 years.

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