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Case Study: Website Redesign for a Leading Brand in the B2B Packaging Industry


Enviropack specializes in eco-friendly food-to-go packaging, offering a comprehensive range of compostable, recyclable, and sustainably sourced products. As a leader in sustainable packaging, Enviropack partnered with scandiweb to enhance their online presence and improve customer engagement.

The project centered on the Enviropack website redesign, focusing on the homepage, product listing pages (PLPs), and product detail pages (PDPs). We also wanted to build upon our ongoing SEO program.

Project goals

Our main goal was to attract new customers by improving the website’s usability and design. Additional goals were to:

  • Increase the average order value through a more intuitive and informative product showcase
  • Strengthen Enviropack’s position as a trusted innovator in the industry
  • Differentiate Enviropack from competitors by emphasizing their commitment to sustainability
  • Improve customer retention with a smoother browsing and shopping experience
  • Build online visibility and brand awareness.


The first step was to identify gaps in the user experience by benchmarking existing pages against eCommerce best practices. We gathered insights on enhancing each page and optimizing layout and functionality. Following this analysis, we defined a new concept for the page structure, featuring a modular approach with elements organized as blocks. This setup integrates all necessary functionalities, drawing on examples from various industries to ensure the layout is user-centric.

case study website redesign wireframes

With a solid plan in place, the project moved into the wireframing phase, where we created wireframes for the new page designs. They laid out each page’s visual and functional elements, ensuring the user journey was intuitive and aligned with the brand’s objectives. Once we settled on layouts and user flows, we began the design phase to fully realize the vision for a new, more engaging website. Here are the specific changes we made to the website and how they impacted user experience.


In our redesign of Enviropack’s homepage, we focused on three core elements to boost brand awareness and establish the company as a leader in sustainable packaging:

  1. Establishing credibility with social proof
  2. Showcasing packaging materials
  3. Expanding awareness of services

Establishing credibility

We wanted to position Enviropack as a trusted brand right from the first impression—the top section of the homepage now features a display of strategic partnerships and customer testimonials. It’s an immediate social proof to new visitors, while an accessible link to Google reviews provides a transparent view of consumer feedback.

Showcasing materials

To differentiate Enviropack from competitors and underline their strengths, we added a detailed breakdown of the sustainable materials used in their products. This aims to educate visitors and aligns with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions.

Expanding awareness

Recognizing the need to highlight Enviropack’s extensive services beyond product offerings, we introduced a new, easy-to-navigate section. Enhanced visibility in the site’s navigation ensures that new users can quickly grasp all available products and services, encouraging higher engagement.

Product list page

PLP redesign for Enviropack aimed to help users find exactly what they need without having to dig deeper into individual product details. We wanted to make product selection more intuitive and informative by:

  1. Facilitating product discovery
  2. Highlighting cost savings
  3. Simplifying navigation and actions
  4. Building consumer confidence
  5. Improving product filtering

Facilitating product discovery

To help customers quickly identify products that fit their specific needs, we introduced visual icons next to each item, indicating the type of food the packaging is best suited for, and labels like “bestsellers,” “sale,” and “new” to further distinguish between products. Such visual differentiation supports quick decision-making, allowing users to navigate the product range efficiently.

Highlighting cost savings

Displaying discounted prices and savings on sale items directly on the PLP allows customers to assess value quickly, enhancing the appeal of discounted products without needing to view the details page.

Simplifying navigation

The user interface now includes a hover effect over products, revealing secondary call-to-action (CTA) options like “wishlist,” “compare,” and “quick view,” making the page cleaner and more organized and encouraging interaction with these features for a better overall shopping experience.

Building confidence

To build trust in purchasing from Enviropack, we incorporated customer review ratings directly on the PLP, providing immediate social proof and assisting shoppers in making informed decisions.

Improving filtering

We refined the filtering options to allow users to sort products more effectively by adding new filters for categories, product status, such as sale items or new arrivals, and stock levels. Each filter displays the number of available items, giving users a better overview of their options and speeding up the shopping process.

Product detail page

Our updates to the PDP focused on ensuring that users could access and understand essential product information effortlessly, encouraging further engagement, and supporting customers throughout their journey. The steps we took included:

  1. Highlighting critical product information
  2. Implementing cross-sell
  3. Facilitating customer interaction
  4. Simplifying additional service requests
  5. Providing proactive support to assist users further

Higlighting critical information

Recognizing the importance of immediate product comprehension, we selected and prominently displayed key information, like dimensions, the suitability of the packaging for specific uses, eco-friendly properties, and pricing details per case and item. To accommodate user preferences, we also integrated a VAT checkbox that allows shoppers to toggle between price formats without navigating away from the page.

Implementing cross-sell

Customers often shop for complementary items, so we introduced a cross-selling feature—a block displaying related products or product bundles that customers might need alongside their current selection. Additionally, a slider showcases similar products, providing options and encouraging further exploration without overwhelming the user.

Facilitating customer interaction

We implemented a new section inviting customers to leave reviews after trying the product to help other customers make informed decisions while gathering valuable insights for further product enhancements.

Simplifying service requests

For services like pallet pricing and branding solutions, we added clear, underlined CTA links within the product descriptions. Clicking these links opens pop-ups where users can easily request further services or additional information, keeping them engaged without disrupting their browsing experience on the PDP.

Providing proactive support

We placed a support block on the PDP, similar to those on the homepage and PLP. This new block includes frequently asked questions and contact details, enabling easy access to customer service and helping improve the site’s SEO by providing rich, relevant content.


The redesign of the Enviropack website was geared towards enhancing user experience and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. We wanted to make the site more intuitive, informative, and engaging, with a clear focus on facilitating the customer journey from browsing to buying.

Following the new design implementation, we observed the following improvements:

  • 22.3% increase in average purchase revenue per user due to the improved clarity in product information and pricing
  • 20.1% increase in average session duration due to the more informative and user-friendly PLP and PDP design and the presentation of related products and services
  • 10.4% increase in session conversion rate due to the streamlined navigation, enhanced product discovery, and trust built through detailed product descriptions and customer reviews.

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