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Data tracking in the modern-day and age can be largely seen as a cat-and-mouse game where 2 powers are in a constant power struggle. As one increases in strength, the other has to adapt to come out on top. Technologies evolve, laws get passed, and users are caught in the middle of an ever-changing digital landscape.

This talk will explore the business of eCommerce tracking setups, regulations that attempt to limit what data can be gathered about users, and what the future of data tracking and privacy might look like.


  • The history of user tracking and subsequent evolution of technologies and availability, accessibility to various tracking tools
  • The rise of countermeasures to prevent tracking and the increasing self-awareness of privacy concerns
  • The current landscape of eCommerce tracking and where the industry is headed
  • What a reliable eCommerce tracking setup looks like in 2022
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Arturs Vigants

Arturs Vigants


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