Technodom: The World’s Biggest PWA Store Powered by ScandiPWA


Since its foundation in 2003 in Kazakhstan, Technodom has seen significant business growth and expansion, eventually becoming the biggest household appliance and electronics retailer in Central Asia.


  • $800M annual gross
  • 84 physical stores with 94320 m2 of retail space
  • 60K+ active product items from over 700 world’s leading brands

Yet, their web store, while thriving, fell behind in terms of performance and expandability, gradually turning into a limiting factor.

In spring 2019 Scandiweb was contracted to upgrade and replatform Technodom’s eCommerce store to match their scale of operation and set the scene for future development.


The new version of was going to be re-established as the first step for unified commerce – a much more flexible, future-proof system, designed with mobile-first approach in mind, and optimised for high performance.


We bundled Magento, Akeneo PIM and ScandiPWA to ensure solid core functionality and provide ground for a broader set of integrations, most notably with:

  • 1C – for real-time stock and price updates, achieved via custom-built import app
  • Halyk bank – to enable all the necessary payment methods, along with a loan approval application with real-time face recognition
  • Kazpost – for omnichannel delivery with real-time tracking

Additionally, Technodom’s all-hardware on-prepmise server setup, substituting Cloud infrastructure, was optimised to replicate AWS behavior, assuring effective load balancing with failover and failback.


From start to finish, the project took just six months to complete. Requirement gathering, redesign, migration, data mapping, development, testing, PWA-specific SEO – all were ready for Black Friday shopping marathon, which came a month after Go-Live.


The project serves as a huge PWA use-case, allowing us to gain invaluable experience, and setting a community-wide precedent for future developments.

Not only did Scandiweb deliver a modern, multifaceted and well-integrated eCommerce platform, but made the Biggest PWA Store in the World, as per 2019.

Curious to learn more? Read on to find out how the world’s biggest PWA store came to be. To learn all about PWA, check our complete PWA guide.

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