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The 2016 GSEA Finals will take place in Bangkok and Scandiweb is part of it!

What is GSEA? — It stands for “Global Student Entrepreneur Awards” which is a global contest for students who own and run a for-profit business while attending a college / university. Candidates race against their rivals from around the world in a series of local competitions in goal to qualify for GSEA Finals, only ONE opponent from each country.

This year GSEA Global Finals will be held together with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s largest event — the Global Leadership Conference. Fifty students from fifty countries will participate with 1’300 entrepreneurs from around the world. This is absolutely a global event, showcasing fifty extraordinary student entrepreneurs who represent the best of the best.

Scandiweb is going to assist our friend and associate Johan Wikström who came to us with exceptional and extraordinary vision and idea which Scandiweb, with help of our tech expertise in agile project management and lean startup principles, transformed into Application Prototype, Wireframes, Technical specification, Businesses model, graphical UI/UX and suggested tech stack. It all led to a local (Sweden) competition victory!

On top of that, Scandiweb is about to launch new full cycle service called “Startup-As-A-Service” helping visioners to build a PVM managing the technology side of a startup to quickly get it to market to test their hypotheses at the smallest cost.

Bangkok — here we come!

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