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Announcing scandiweb and Pimcore Platinum Partnership

June 2023 marks a milestone in our Pimcore expertise and partner program. Less than a year after being promoted to the Gold tier, scandiweb has become the Platinum Partner of Pimcore!

Pimcore is a leading PIM (product information management) solution for Magento (Adobe Commerce). It is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, open-source software used by 100K+ brands across an array of industries. 

Our Pimcore certifications include:

  • 6 Pimcore Junior Developers
  • 5 Pimcore Senior Developers
  • 7 Pimcore Enterprise Developers
  • 11 Pimcore Consultants
Pimcore platninum partnership agency page

scandiweb’s certified Pimcore specialists have direct access to training and support from Pimcore. We recommend our clients the most efficient implementation option and suggest further improvements to maximize Pimcore’s potential, with our capabilities spanning across digital commerce framework, Magento integration, PIM/MDM/DAM, product configurators, and UI/UX design.

Our team has also developed the Pimcore Connector extension, enabling integration between Pimcore and Magento 2.

With scandiweb’s Pimcore services, you receive:

  • Pimcore strategy & consultation for seamless integration and maximum ROI
  • Data modeling & content architecture, making information retrieval and management easy
  • Custom Pimcore modules development to cater to specific business operations, ensuring flexibility and scalability
  • Third-party tools integration, enhancing their capabilities and functionality.

See how we helped our clients with Pimcore support and implementation!

Unifying product information with Pimcore PIM for Wainbee

Wainbee, a Canadian engineering systems company, wanted to implement Pimcore PIM to manage and unify product information. Before the implementation, only 10% of Wainbee’s products were online due to inefficient product information management. The solution involved integrating Pimcore with the ERP system, standardizing data from various suppliers, and creating a seamless API connection. As a result, we enabled Wainbee to manage over 600,000 products efficiently, ensuring all products are available online and streamlining the update process within a centralized platform. Read the entire case study here!

Pimcore PIM powers online vehicle sales microservice platform

scandiweb developed a microservice platform for a client in the online vehicle sales sector, using Pimcore PIM and its eCommerce framework. The solution met critical requirements such as real-time attribute filtering, API integration, multi-tenancy, and flexible checkout journeys, enabling tailored offerings for vehicle manufacturers and dealers. The result is an efficient, scalable solution that enhances checkout performance and simplifies the onboarding process for new clients. Read the entire case study here!

Revolutionizing travel with Novaturas

We partnered with Novaturas, a leading tour operator in the Baltic States, to transform travel planning using Pimcore. Pimcore connected 400+ travel agencies, enabling real-time product data and pricing synchronization. The platform’s efficiency and real-time updates enhanced user satisfaction and operational scalability, setting new standards in the travel industry. Read the entire case study here!

Centralized eCommerce product data management

scandiweb transformed a luxury beauty brand’s eCommerce operations by implementing Pimcore for centralized product data management. Facing challenges with scattered data across platforms like NetSuite and Excel, the brand improved data accuracy and operational efficiency. We created a centralized data repository, an intuitive product management interface, and automated marketplace integration with platforms like TikTok and Amazon. Our client experienced a significant increase in operational efficiency and a consistent, up-to-date product presence across all sales channels. Read the entire case study here!

How to manage large catalogs with Pimcore

During one of our large-scale projects, our Pimcore team enhanced Rocket Industrial’s complex data management by implementing Pimcore as the central PIM system. Their main challenge was managing over 31 attribute sets with 100+ attributes each and integrating with existing ERP and Magento systems. Our solution centralized product data, improved accuracy, and streamlined management processes. Attribute filtering and improved search capabilities optimized product discoverability, significantly boosting operational efficiency and user experience. Read the entire case study here!

scandiweb is among only a few Pimcore Platinum partners in the world. To request a Pimcore audit or start your Pimcore journey with our expert team by your side, use the contact form below to reach us!

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