Pimcore Magento 2 Integration

The Pimcore Connector for Magento 2 created by scandiweb is an extension that enables the integration between the Pimcore platform and a Magento 2 store.

Extension supports PimCore 10.X version and Magento 2.4.x, 2.5.x versions.

If you are interested in other versions, please reach out to us

Trusted by leading global brands

Trusted by global leading brands


This integration allows for the centralized management of digital assets (DAM), product information (PIM), and other catalog data from the Pimcore instance within Magento 2.

Manage your Magento product information in Pimcore
Connect multiple Magento 2 instances
Validation for required attributes for products
Scheduled publishing versions for Products and Categories
Attributes and attribute options, and complete attribute sets, can be exported to Magento 2
Simple and configurable products can be exported to Magento 2
One-time data migration script from Magento to PimCore CSV, XLS, and API import to PimCore
Create/export other default Magento attributes types to Magento 2

What is Pimcore?

Mapping of product attributes/properties

The properties or attributes of a product refer to its distinctive features that provide comprehensive information about it. These attributes can significantly influence a customer's purchasing decision.

Pimcore offers the flexibility to create and utilize a diverse range of attribute types to describe products effectively.

The following attribute types are supported by Pimcore:

Text - This option supports input, text area, password, and input quantity value.

Number - This option supports number, quantity value, and slider.

Select - This option supports boolean, multi-select, simple-select, and Dropdown.

Other - This option supports color, images, videos, and checkboxes.

Date - This option supports date, time, and date & time.

Create/export any other default Magento attributes types to Magento 2.

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Product and product variants creation

It is possible to create and efficiently manage products and their variants in Pimcore. To create a new product, attribute sets can be utilised, and additional attributes can be added to the set for more detailed product information.

Variant products are those that come with multiple options, such as color and size. Each combination of these options results in a new product, which can be managed within Pimcore.

Pimcore allows for the creation of both products and their variants.

With the connector, it is possible to export multiple product listings simultaneously using a single product.

Additional product information such as size and color can be added.

The connector also enables the export of multiple images for a given product.

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Create, map and export categories

By using this module, it is possible to view all Magento 2 store root categories within Pimcore. Once login credentials have been saved, all associated Magento 2 root categories will be automatically synchronized in Pimcore.

Additionally, category information such as name, SEO, and image can be exported by mapping the category properties in the connector.

Pimcore allows users to map Magento 2 root categories.

Products can be assigned to one or multiple categories.

Categories can be exported using the "export categories" option within the export panel.

Category properties such as name and SEO information can be exported as well.

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Websites, Stores and Store views mapping

Magento 2 allows for the creation of multiple websites, stores, and store views to suit specific business needs. By using this module, it is possible to connect and map each store and store view with Pimcore.

Once the login credentials have been saved in Pimcore, all associated Magento 2 stores and store views will be visible within the Pimcore instance.

You can export the product as locale wise. If you have multiple locales like en, de, and no. You can connect with the Pimcore.

You can export the product to the selected store views.

You can map the store and store view with Pimcore.

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One-time data migration script from Magento to PimCore Screen

Unless you are initiating a novel eCommerce platform, it will be necessary to transfer existing data from your active Magento 2/Adobe Commerce instance to PimCore.

To facilitate a seamless integration and expedite the process, we have developed a one-time migration script for your convenience.

Scheduled publishing versions for Products and Categories

Expecting upcoming sales or the arrival of new products? There is no need to operate beyond standard business hours to ensure timely preparations - simply schedule publishing versions for Products and Categories.

The Scandiweb PimCore-Magento 2/Adobe Commerce connector is capable of updating prices, inventory, and all other available product attributes, allowing for a streamlined and efficient process.

Configure import in a way importing only required and specific attributes - price and/or stock, or other needed attributes.

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