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Airthings Enjoys 56% Engagement Rate and Aces CWV After Hyvä Migration

Website migration projects play a crucial role in keeping up with evolving trends and user expectations. In this blog post, we delve into a recent website migration undertaken with the goal of enhancing data tracking systems and improving overall analytics components. Through careful analysis and post-go-live monitoring, we examine the transformative impact of the migration project, exploring how it has not only improved user engagement and experience but also navigated the delicate balance between data collection and user privacy. Join us as we explore the insights and key findings that have contributed to the success of the Airthings website migration project.

Project background

The website migration project for Airthings involved several key initiatives to enhance the website’s performance and user experience. These included upgrading to the latest version of Magento (Adobe Commerce), redesigning and migrating crucial Magento pages to the Hyvä theme, and setting up managed hosting with

Additionally, efforts were made to rework the Magento-Hubspot integration, conduct conversion-focused research for a redesign, migrate to Google Analytics 4 with GDPR-compliant tracking, and successfully launch the website within a strict deadline.

Effective communication among multiple development agencies was crucial throughout the project to ensure its smooth execution.

Hyvä theme implementation

The Hyvä theme was implemented on selected B2C and B2B store views housed on two different platforms (on the main domain and a subdomain). Various frontend themes and features were applied. As the store views were on distinct platforms, over a thousand server-side level redirects were made to ensure site domain synchronization and avoid loss of organic traffic.

Key pages migrated to Hyvä:

  • Homepage
  • Product listing pages (PLP)
  • Product description pages (PDP)
  • CMS pages
  • Product comparison pages

Data tracking

Adjustments were made to the data tracking system after the Hyvä theme implementation, including:

  • GA4 properties configuration
  • dataLayer rebuilding
  • Marketing tag fixes
  • Analytics component improvements
  • GDPR-friendly tool setup to respect user rights to deny data collection

Post-live analysis context & approach

The goal of the migration project was to enhance the performance of the data tracking system and improve the overall analytics components following the redesign of the Hyvä website.

For the analysis, the focus was on key performance indicators (KPIs) that were vital for assessing the website’s performance, such as website traffic, user engagement, conversion rate, and other relevant areas. It was important to consider these indicators while accounting for the expected decrease in data quantity due to users opting out of data collection.

The selected date range for the analysis was March 9, 2023, to April 7, 2023, which included the post-go-live period. Additionally, a comparison was made with the pre-go-live period of February 9, 2023, to March 7, 2023. This time frame allowed for an evaluation of the data collected before and after the implementation of the changes to the data tracking system.

By using this approach, the analysis aimed to provide valuable insights into the impact of the migration project on the website’s performance and identify areas that required improvement or optimization.


eCommerce key performance indicators (KPIs) remained within expected values despite a decrease in data quantity attributed to the implementation of an “explicit consent” data collection model, as noted above. Positive results were seen in user engagement and other parameters:

  • Increase in user engagement, with an overall engagement rate of 56%
    • +2.31% engagement rate (mobile)
    • +7.71% engagement rate (homepage)
  • Significant improvement in views per user, with a growth of 17.11%
  • Decreased cart abandonment

Such improvements in user engagement despite the decrease in the number of sessions indicate an improved user experience and/or traffic quality. We can also say that this is a reflection of the success of the Hyva migration. The level of interaction we saw after the go-live suggests that users found the new website easy to use and responsive.

Finally, significant improvement in website performance is evident in these results:

Overall, the website migration project for Airthings resulted in improved user engagement, higher levels of interaction, and successful implementation of privacy-conscious data collection practices, not to mention better website performance for outstanding user experience.

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