6 steps to turn data chaos into actionable insights

Data strategy & needs definition

We start by defining your company data needs: sync with all stakeholders to identify business requirements and expected deliverables of the project.

What are the data needs of every department? What metrics are important and why? Where can the required data be gathered? How will it be used in further business optimization?

As a result, we have outlined all your data sources, defined necessary tools, and explored corresponding table schemas.

See an example of the data strategy discovery process or get in touch to speak with a Data Analytics Strategist.

Data warehousing and MDS setups

When data needs are defined, we proceed with configuring and initiating tools & pipelines (e.g., Fivetran, Segment, Zapier) and implementing data warehousing (e.g., BigQuery, RedShift, Snowflake) to link data from various sources for a holistic overview.

If data transformation is necessary, we do data filtering, splitting, merging, enriching, and deleting duplicates before it reaches the warehouse by using tools such as Metillion, DBT, and dataform.

The final stage is business intelligence and data visualization to ensure 1-click data access for every department.

Explore examples and benefits of data warehouses for eCommerce or get in touch to speak with an Analytics Expert.

Implementation of new analytics and CDP setups, migration, or fine-tuning

We integrate Analytics and Development teams to ensure proper analytics implementation, which usually includes the following actions:

For the analytics specialist

For the developer

Data layer requirements definition

Tracking script migration plan

Marketing scripts and tracking events setup for tag manager (e.g., Google Tag Manager)

Analytics platform configuration (e.g., Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.) and customization

Data layer extension setup

eCommerce data layer implementation or customization

Custom events setup in tag manager

Shopping behavior funnel and checkout steps tracking setup

Read how to transition to GA4 or get in touch to speak with an Analytics Expert.

Auditing existing analytics setup

Not sure if you can trust your data? Start with in-depth auditing and health checks of the analytics platform. It will include:

Data layer and Tag Manager auditing

Transaction tracking coverage audits

Marketing platforms tracking auditing (Facebook pixel and CAPI, Google Ads tracking, affiliate marketing tracking, etc.)

Analytics audit report

Implementation of improvements for action items

See our analytics health-check example or get in touch to speak with an Analytics Expert.

Elimination of data discrepancies

Isn't it frustrating when every system shows different numbers? For example, the transaction total is different in Google Analytics compared to the admin panel. We spot issues in your implementation and fix them:

Data layer input and output data validation

Shopping funnel analysis and main drop-off points, identifying discrepancies

Transaction tracking coverage audits

Spotting issues in the tracking code's technical implementation

See our data layer requirements doc example or get in touch to speak with a Analytics Expert.

Integrations and setup of marketing tracking pixels and APIs

You can’t run effective marketing campaigns without knowing how they perform and what you need to optimize for better performance. What we do:

Facebook pixel and conversion API implementation

Google Ads conversion tracking, dynamic remarketing setup

Affiliate platforms tracking (CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Rakuten, etc.)

Migrating in-line hardcoded marketing scripts to tag manager

Any other marketing platform scripts configuration in tag manager

Ad platform conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing setups (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads)

Read how to set up Facebook Conversion API or get in touch to speak with an Analytics Expert.

How is your analytics ecosystem set up?
Let us take a look and point out blind spots.

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3 reasons to set up
analytics with scandiweb

There is a 95% probability we have already solved the problem you are facing

Request the list of problems we have already solved for our customers. There's a high chance you'll find the problem you are facing there, which means we have the know-how to fix it.

Work with the eCommerce growth team

We have all the knowledge to boost your store revenue under one roof: analytics, CRO, SEO, PPC, content & UX specialists working together to not just gather data from your store but make sense of it and convert it into extra sales. Your analytics audit pointed to discrepancies in Facebook Ads conversion tracking? No problem, our tech team sits in the same room and can fix it within a few days.

Workflows praised by Google

We are official Google partners, and our analytics workflows and knowledge posted on our blog often get highlighted and shared by Google.

Get more money from existing website visitors

User behavior and store eCommerce performance tracking (e.g., Google Analytics)

Get more money from Paid Advertising (Facebook, GoogleAds, etc.)

Marketing platforms tracking, dynamic retargeting setup

Not lose money due to penalties from personal data protection regulators

Ensuring GDPR compliance

Every eCommerce business needs a proper analytics setup

Have you faced any of these data problems? We can solve them too!

Incapable of harvesting data from the site in a reliable manner

Concerns about Universal Analytics becoming a legacy service

Analytics enhanced eCommerce funnels are not enabled or working correctly

Unsure if the analytics tools used are calibrated correctly

Not knowing where users are coming from

No returning user or loyal customer insights

Discrepancies between ERP and analytics order data

iOS user tracking does not extend past 7 days

Wish to still track users while remaining GDPR-compliant

Low cookie management platform (CMP) opt-in rates

Not being sure which marketing channels are driving conversions

A lot of data is available but not utilized

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What happens when we start work on your data & analytics setup?

Data needs & available sources definition

We start by meeting with all the stakeholders to identify business requirements and expected deliverables of the project, and outline data sources, necessary tools, and corresponding table schemas.

Proposed analytics setup & effort estimation

We select the best analytics tool stack depending on your internal team setup, maturity in analytics, and defined data needs. We present gathered data needs summary alongside an analytics architecture proposal and analytics project offer tailored to your business needs. An agreement is signed at this stage.

Data strategy finalization

You get introduced to the main experts who will be working on your account. We run a discovery session with all pending questions and finalize the data strategy we will be following.

Analytics implementation roadmap

Based on confirmed data strategy and your company data needs, we develop an implementation roadmap, outlining the main milestones to be reached weekly.

Data layer requirements definition

The Analytics team defines data layer requirements for your eCommerce store and related web properties. It defines the way that the shopping funnel will be tracked and what events will be captured and passed from the web to the analytics platform.

Building Data Tech foundation

We begin configuring and initiating necessary analytics tools & pipelines, and data warehousing setup. The Development team is joining at this stage to implement the data layer following defined requirements and connect all your systems to data warehouses such as Big Query, RedShift, Snowflake, etc.

Weekly or bi-weekly progress reporting

When the active work has been kicked off, we meet weekly or bi-weekly to align all teams on the progress and pending action items. It is critical to ensure smooth collaboration on both sides, including your internal teams and scandiweb's Analytics team.

Mapping data for a holistic overview

Performing required data transformations (filtering, splitting, merging, enriching, and deleting duplicates) and mapping data from all your data various sources for a holistic overview (e.g., web traffic data, ad platforms).

Full testing

We configure the test environments simulating real user behavior, placing hundreds of test orders, and ensuring data from every system was passed to the analytics platform correctly.

Visualizing data insights

We visualize data insights using business intelligence tools for data visualization and dashboard creation, e.g., Data Studio or Power BI. The goal is to provide clear and understandable eCommerce store performance dashboards for all stakeholders to be on the same page.

Take action with the data insights!

As soon as the setup is there, we do monthly data analysis, exploring KPIs from different facets and drawing optimization conclusions. Gathered insights are further used for ongoing CRO, SEO, or PPC campaign optimization.


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