8 steps to increase customer retention & engagement

On-site personalization & product recommendations

75% of consumers expect personalization as a standard, increasing click-through rates by at least 30%.

We help to personalize every step of the user journey, from homepage content blocks to AI-driven product recommendations on PDPs and the shopping cart by integrating tools like Clerk, Attraqt, Clearbit, Dynamic Yield, Adobe Experience Manager, and others.

See how we implemented AI-driven product recommendations for the MET or get in touch to speak with a personalization expert.

AI-driven merchandising and searchandising

In physical retail, you need to define on which shelf a product is located and what to put nearby. However, in the digital world, we have the opportunity to personalize merchandising on the fly, based on visitor demographics, recent user behavior, seasonality, margins, and any other business rules.

Nearly 30% of users go directly to the search box, and these searchers are known to convert 5-6x higher than regular passive browsers. The search box has become another opportunity to increase conversion rates by providing contextually and personally relevant content, using search rules, integrating recommended products, and running search-specific promo campaigns.

We start with an audit of your existing merchandising tools and search logic. Our most common recommendation is to implement AI-driven proven-to-perform merchandising and searchandising solutions such as Clerk, Klevu, Attraqt, Dynamic Yield, DotDigital, Adobe Target, and Sensei.

Read our review on AI-driven merchandising tools or get in touch to speak with a CRO expert.

Email marketing & SMS automation process development

86% of professional marketers still prioritize email marketing. In a cookie-less world, 1st party data about customers (such as email and phone number) will become key.

We start by auditing your lead capture micro-conversion funnel, identifying all user journey steps where you can capture extra information about the visitors, and testing the best-performing lead capture mechanisms and messaging for it.

Further, we configure email sequences to nurture your leads, personalized to their stage in the sales funnel. For someone, an abandoned card email with a coupon code is the best approach, while the latest blog articles about products they were exploring will matter more to others. SMS is used on special occasions only, like order status updates, one-time event invites, or birthday congratulations.

The most frequent email marketing tools we work with are Klaviyo, Adobe Marketo, Dynamic Yield, DotDigital, and Mailchimp.

Read our six tips to create an effective abandoned cart email or get in touch to speak with an email marketing expert.

MarTech and conversion funnel assessment

With 5,000+ MarTech tools available on the market, how to choose the one most suitable for your business? How to ensure it works its best to convert visitors into customers?

We start by auditing your lead capture micro-conversion funnel, identifying all user journey steps where you can capture extra information about the visitors, testing best-performing lead captures, and messaging for it.

Then we do gap analysis in your MarTech tool stack and come up with actionable recommendations.

Request our conversion funnel assessment sample or get in touch to speak with a MarTech expert.

Dynamic remarketing on Display and Social

You can increase email campaign performance by ~30% by leveraging Dynamic remarketing in parallel with email campaigns.

For example, a visitor opened a product page and added a product to the wishlist but didn't purchase it for 7 days. Not only will we follow up with him over email but also show ads with the exact product he was looking at over the Google display network with 2M+ partner websites, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Learn how The Wool Company increased ROAS by 82.07% with dynamic remarketing or get in touch to speak with a PPC expert.

A/B testing

Opinions can't be trusted, that's why every experiment needs to be backed by data and an A/B testing process for identifying statistically significantly best-performer, whether it is a new ad set, email, or lead capture.

Learn how we achieved a 78% win rate for an ongoing A/B testing program or get in touch to speak with a CRO expert.

Marketing automation & personalization strategy, platform selection and implementation

Don't know where to start or are not sure if your current marketing automation & personalization tool stack is the right choice?

We do marketing automation & personalization maturity audit, reviewing your current setup, suggesting improvements, and implementing and configuring new proven-to-perform tools.

Get in touch to speak with a Digital Marketing Strategist.

Ongoing campaign development, optimization, and reporting

We provide full-care service to manage your marketing automation, including lead capture setup based on visitors' behavior, email DB nurturing with new email campaigns, abandoned cart setup, and email & SMS sequences.

Examples of results we could achieve running our Growth program for a year:

745.72% revenue increase for cart abandonment emails

78% win rate for an ongoing A/B testing program

81.12% increase in revenue from organic traffic after SEO strategy implementation

73.32% increase in add-to-cart rate after landing page revamp

148% increase in mobile revenue after fixing ‘low-hanging fruits’

Get in touch to speak with an eCommerce Growth expert.

Don’t know where to start? Discover your marketing automation opportunities for free

Share with us your website URL and what automation or personalization tools you are using now, and we will be back with a marketing automation maturity audit within 3 days!

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3 reasons to let scandiweb set up marketing automation & AI

150+ stores including
Fortune 500 have been optimized by us

Since 2015, we have tracked the main KPIs for all our clients understanding what leads to their revenue increase MoM. It helps to find the suitable marketing automation stack for your project faster and be sure the campaigns we run will make a difference.

Deliver more than just emails

Growth hackers, copywriters, UX/UI, PPC, and SEO specialists working under one roof to not just automate interactions with your visitors but build a scalable sales machine.

Work with eCommerce Growth Team

Our MarTech and Tech competence centers are combined to ensure your store growth performance is not blocked by technical limitations in user behavior tracking that is required to deliver personalized touchpoints for every customer.

We help these brands with marketing automation

If you have a migration that is stuck, we can help too, check these resolved issues

If you have a marketing automation process that is stuck, we can help too. Check these ✅ resolved issues

Email marketing open rates are below 25%

No information is captured about 95% of visitors who are not converting

Abandoned cart emails are not converting

Marketing automation tool potential is limited due to buggy integration with the website

Optimization decisions are made based on data you can't trust

The same email sequences are sent to every customer group

Limited data about user behavior is coming from the store to the marketing automation tool

Website content is not personalized to historical user behavior

A/B tests are set as a win without reaching statistical significance

What happens when we start marketing automation on your project?

Opportunity check

We start by auditing your store and existing setup to identify low-hanging fruits and immediate attention items to bring value to your store within the first weeks.

Marketing automation & personalization program estimation

We offer several options to choose from depending on your internal team setup, maturity in automation, and the importance of identified improvements. We present identified opportunities alongside the optimization strategy draft and marketing automation program offer tailored to your business needs. An agreement is signed at this stage.

Discovery session

You get introduced to the main experts who will be working on your project. We run a discovery session with all pending questions and finalize the optimization strategy we will be following.

3-month optimization roadmap

Based on the initial audit and discovery session, we develop a 3-month optimization plan, outlining the main milestones to be reached monthly.

Weekly or bi-weekly progress reporting

When the active work has been kicked off, we meet weekly or bi-weekly to align all teams on the progress and pending action items. It is critical to ensure smooth collaboration on both sides, including your internal Marketing team and scandiweb's Growth team.

Alignment with the Delivery team

Marketing automation & personalization tool stack integration with your store requires tech team help. We prepare detailed tasks for the tech team, and upon estimate confirmation, they include them in the delivery backlog.

Monthly KPIs

A monthly report will be delivered to your inbox, showcasing progress and changes in the agreed KPIs, such as email open rates or the number of leads captured.

Further growth & acceleration planning
and execution

As soon as the first results are reached, we take a holistic view of your customer experience journey and Traffic Acquisition activities. CX, CRO, SEO, PPC, and Content specialists gather to discuss other opportunities to help your store earn more.

Don’t know where to start? Discover your marketing automation opportunities for free

Share with us your website URL and what automation or personalization tools you are using now, and we will be back with a marketing automation maturity audit within 3 days!


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