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Why choose scandiweb for CX optimization

Full CX services
Get every part of your eCommerce business enhanced by the top eCom experts. UI/UX, backend, technology solutions, and integrations—we deal with everything.
Long-term support
Enjoy proactive, 24/7 support, with a hotline and the ability to swiftly tackle the most burning issues.
Methodologies and workflows
With 500+ realized projects, we've developed our own know-hows. Our methods are Google-approved and strategies are custom-tailored to each client.
Solid strategic partnership
Get guaranteed and quality management of your eCommerce project at all stages of pursuing business goals.

We follow an all-encompassing strategic approach to customer experience optimization

From the practice of launching 500+ eCommerce projects, we know that introducing a truly omnichannel customer experience for generating revenue is a complex task demanding meticulous attention to detail across all parts of a business ecosystem—from technology solutions and acquisition practices to customer journey and retention.
Olga Kimalana
Senior Conversion Strategist
We help to build your strategic roadmap
and deliver it!

When it comes to CX optimization, we cover the full user journey from the first visit to the site to the post-purchase experience and returns. We combine multiple research methods to uncover current usability flaws that stand in the way of conversions and ensure that our optimization strategy is data-driven.

How scandiweb crafts the perfect omnichannel customer experience


eCommerce Ecosystem
Site Search
Infrastructure & Performance

An efficient eCommerce business demands excellence for both backend and frontend. We take care of both, be it an introduction of an out-of-the-box solution or sophisticated customization:

UI enhancements and full frontend revamp
ecosystem, including PIM, OMS, CMS, payment gateways, etc
site search and product info enrichment
site performance and backend infrastructure.

Implementation and orchestration of solid technological solutions enable us to

build up ground for a smooth, omnichannel customer journey
fully cover all the important stages of CX: acquisition, purchase, and retention

Acquisition & engagement

Content & Messaging
Email & Social
Paid Marketing
Organic Search

We run all the necessary procedures:

eCommerce benchmarking
User research & VOC
Hypothesis validation
User personas definition
Quantitative data analysis
Qualitative data analysis
A/B testing

With all of this, we help you

reach the top results in organic search
fully cover all the important stages of CX: acquisition, purchase, and retention

Purchase journey

Mobile & Desktop
PX & Merchandising
Checkout & Post Purchase
Unified Commerce

We're not just helping you get quality traffic—we channel it into a revenue-generating purchase journey by

ensuring comfortable user experience on all devices, be it mobile or desktop
enabling a checkout experience that does not result in a dead end for a customer
taking care of the post-purchase experience
enabling almost flawless product experience

All this, in turn, leads to

higher conversion rate
minimized cart abandonment rate
increased repeat purchases
Increased number of customer referrals

Loyalty & retention

Loyalty Program
CRM & Customer Service
Data & Analytics

A well-crafted user journey results in higher loyalty and retention, which also needs supervision and systematization. We make loyalty possible by

fully analyzing customer data
personalizing the content
introducing CRM solutions that work like a clock-work
supervising the quality of the customer service
building a detailed, well-thought loyalty program

CX optimization success stories with scandiweb


A 100% increase in eCommerce convertibility and a 200% revenue boost

Comprehensive UX research on industry best practices, competitive analysis, concept wireframing, and user testing to guide all optimization efforts
AI-powered product recommendations and smart search merchandising
Style guide review and brand alignment before wireframes and design
Digital analytics setup, Google Ads conversion tracking, and data visualization using Google Data Studio
Introduction of the right messaging and approach at every customer interaction touch point
Custom store pick-up—customers could see which items are available at the nearest store

A top European B2B IT supplier

A unique B2B ecosystem, with a custom CRM—
the key elements:

Custom B2B eCommerce CRM
Magento 2 + ScandiPWA app (customer storefront)
Vue.js for the frontend
GraphQL as the communication level between backend and frontend
ElasticSearch for search
Infrastructure setup on AWS

Learn more about scandiweb's CX-related services

Enhance your business with conversion strategies and UX solutions that drive revenue and ROI growth across all eCom channels
Design & creative
Get coherent eCom design and creatives that help top the market and win over the customers
Traffic acquisition
Benefit from traffic acquisition methods approved by Google—optimize traffic and increase revenue

Let's get started with your CX optimization

scandiweb has helped us greatly to understand an implement our ecommerce platform on Magento.
Head of News Agency Applications
Erik Klepper
scandiweb proved to be a good fit and we are very happy with the commitment and dedication from both our team and the company
Team Lead / PO at Happysocks
Victor Emilson
We have done projects with scandiweb and, to be honest, it is a pleasure to work with them!
eCommerce Manager
Marc Muntané
We have been increasingly impressed with scandiweb since we began working with them on our website.
Director of IT
Jimmy Yoon
PUMA on ScandiPWA has 3 – 4 times better performance than any other site in the group.
Chief Architect
Jason Barney
Working with scandiweb has been a positive experience, they have consistently kept their timelines and have competent people with the technical expertise to finish the job..
Director of IT
Jón H. Bartels

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