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with a challenge to overcome

Hackers extort 10 bitcoins,
and their DDoS attack
puts the site down

Hackers extort
10 bitcoins and their DDoS attack puts the site down


We were discussing a potential project with a new customer when they reached out for urgent help. They were under a DDoS attack by hackers extorting 10 bitcoins from them to stop it. Our DevOps connected within 15 minutes, strengthened their security measures in Sucuri, and started the migration to Cloudflare WAF. Attackers noticed our efforts and sent the next waves of traffic, reaching 10,000 and 80,000 requests per second. 

Attacks did not reach the desired result. We blocked the traffic and kept the site serving customers and generating revenue. The attacks were too costly for the hacker, so they stopped them. Our team's reaction and competence impressed the customer, and they kicked off UX optimization with redesign and migration to the ScandiPWA React storefront with our team.

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Two days after the country-wide COVID lockdown we got a call from a business with the largest retail space and the most advanced in-store experience in the region. Their offline retail was so ubiquitous it did not need an online channel until the year our lives moved to Zoom.

The request was for PWA, Adobe Commerce, 50K SKUs, 3 countries, and the deadline of “today”. Well, we were only 3 weeks late! Accelerated Go Live was a success, with thousands of orders in the first days already and continuous connection with the customers throughout the pandemic.

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COVID has started. 
We need eCommerce NOW!


Listen to the customer.
Do 8 hours of work.
Bring +148% revenue.


It was a daily standup with the UX team, where customers told us that they see a strange drop in in-store reservations last month. UX team requested the data & analytics team to visualize the product reservation funnel and saw a 74% drop between the 2nd and 3rd steps, specifically on iPhone devices.

Testing showed a technical flaw in the implementation—we fixed it within a day. Further observation after the fix showed that the eCommerce conversion rate for reservations increased by 48% and revenue by 148%

3 weeks after migration to a new platform and moving 20 store views from the .eu domain to the .com, the merchant lost 42% of organic traffic. It took two days to do a full technical SEO audit containing 120 data points and identify 22 issues to fix, such as over-indexation due to the absence of canonicals, forced GeoIP redirects, 404, 301 redirects, and server errors.

SEO team reworked the approach to international SEO, for example, made GeoIP redirects both bot and user friendly and introduced hreflangs to help Google display a proper local version of the website. These and further improvements led to restoring pre-migration organic traffic and a further increase by 77% increase in revenue from organic traffic within the next 4 months

42% drop in organic traffic after migration to a new platform


Cost of the analytics
platform is killing?
We saved a customer
$150,000 a year.


Home appliances retailer with 100+ stores in Scandinavia was running an IT infrastructure cost-optimization project. One of its components was Google Analytics 360 with an annual cost of $150,000 and no explicit business rationale to use it.

We decided to build an MVP on an alternative to GA360—free Google Analytics 4 coupled with BigQuery and DataStudio by Google. As a result, the customer got no-sampled data with real-time reporting at a small fraction of the cost. Replatforming also helped to rethink and rebuild data gathering pipelines and reporting processes to eliminate data silos—now sales, returns, cost of goods, and offline store visitors were all merged and visualized together!

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