6 options to increase store revenue

Checkout optimization

Up to 75.8% of users abandon their carts when shopping online due to unexpected shipping costs, forced registration, complicated checkout process, or bugs in forms, among other checkout issues.

We audit the checkout based on 52 industry best practices to maximize its performance. It all starts with segmented checkout funnel behavior analysis, exit-intent surveys, session recordings, and heat map setup. When qualitative data is collected, it’s time to invite your target customers for user testing sessions and get your checkout benchmarked by our CRO experts (our research methods are supported by Baymard Institute, Google UX playbooks and CXL).

Within about 2 weeks, you get a checkout optimization roadmap and suggestions on the tool stack to be used for cart recovery strategy, e.g., cart abandonment email sequences or remarketing setup.

Landing page optimization

Paid traffic is not converting as expected? We build new or revamp existing landing pages with personalized content and CTAs for every user persona.

Over the past year the CRO team has been an integral part of our growth process. The scandiweb CRO team has assisted us primarily in two areas. Conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization. In terms of CRO, the scandiweb team has been invaluable both in assisting us with our own A/B-testing and proactively finding areas of improvement and potential testing. In terms of SEO, the SW team has helped us both with technical SEO in removing obstacles to good organic visibility and with monthly action plans and follow-up. Overall we are very satisfied with the work of the CRO team and hope to continue our collaborative work for a long time.
Bjorn Holmkvist
Digital Growth Manager

Competitive UX benchmarking and heuristic review

Benchmark your store against the industry's best practices and top-performing competitors.

Audit includes a full user journey review from the first visit to the site to the post-purchase experience and returns. It combines multiple research methods to uncover current usability flaws that stand in the way of conversions, ensuring that the optimization strategy is data-driven.

Navigation menu optimization

The key to a well performing store is making sure visitors can find what they came for.

That’s why we give special attention to planning and studying menu navigation.

In a 3-step process we get to know how your users interact with the navigation menu (first-click testing, card sorting and tree testing, SEO-focused structure review, user testing), define improvements (wireframes & designs), and evaluate results (A/B testing).

Data-informed conversion research

Our research method combines quantitative and qualitative data to identify all the pain points and motivators your users experience throughout the purchase journey.

Your team can use the insights generated during research to extend the delivery team backlog with new testing ideas and research-backed hypotheses, implement low-hanging fruits to improve UX based on real-customers behavior, validate your own team's findings, and make data-driven strategic decisions for the eCommerce roadmap.

During research we apply a methodology tested on 150+ SMB and Enterprise eCommerce stores worldwide, including:

Product performance and purchasing trends

Retention analysis and modeling

User research & VOC

Social listening

Session recordings & heat maps

Surveys & moderated research sessions

UX heuristic evaluation

Industry best-practices benchmarking

Hypothesis clarification & prioritization

Ongoing experimentation program

Get full-care service to increase your store revenue.

It is an ongoing program combining all the CRO best-practices mentioned above and tailored specifically for your business needs.

We start with low-hanging fruit implementation, targeting to showcase early results affecting the bottom line on the first month, gradually incorporating more advanced research methods and practices. Our CRO experts have only 1 KPI to care about—your store revenue.

Examples of results achieved running a Growth program for a year:

78% win rate for ongoing A/B testing program

73.32% increase in add-to-cart rate after landing page revamp

148% increase in mobile revenue after fixing "low-hanging fruits"

745.72% revenue increase from cart abandonment emails

81.12% increase in revenue from organic traffic since SEO strategy implementation

3 reasons to optimize conversion rates with scandiweb

150+ stores including Forbes 500 are already optimized by us

Since 2015, we've tracked the main KPIs for all our clients understanding what leads to their revenue increase MOM. It helps to complete your project faster being sure suggested improvements will make a difference to the bottom line.

We ensure suggested findings can pay off all our work

Findings from heuristic research can drive 148% increase in revenue, or checkout optimization research can pay off in 3 months and have a 291.76% ROI in one year! These are just 2 cases among many.

Research supported by Baymard Institute, Google UX Playboox, CXL, and CCXP

What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. That's why we are the first to learn the latest trends in the eCommerce industry, running our own independent researches and bi-weekly CRO newsletter.

We help these brands with CRO

If you have a migration that is stuck, we can help too, check these resolved issues

If you have a CRO process that is stuck, we can help too—check these resolved issues

Global conversion rate is below your industry average

Checkout drop-off rate is higher than 50%

Optimization decisions are made based on data you can’t trust

Mobile conversion rate is 2x lower than desktop

A/B tests are set as WIN without reaching statistical significance

Less than 1% of visitors are reaching 3rd or 4th level categories

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What happens when we start CRO on your project?

Opportunity check

We start by auditing your store to identify low-hanging fruits and immediate-attention items to bring value to your store within the first weeks.

CRO optimization program estimation

We offer several options to choose from depending on your internal team setup, maturity in CRO, and importance of identified improvements. We present identified opportunities alongside an optimization strategy draft and CRO program offer tailored to your business needs. The agreement is signed at this stage.

Discovery session

You get introduced to the main experts who will be working on your project. We run a “discovery” session with all pending questions and finalize the optimization strategy we will be following.

6-month optimization roadmap

Based on the initial CRO audit and discovery session, we develop a 6-month optimization plan outlining the main milestones to be reached monthly.

Weekly or biweekly progress reporting

Active work kicked-off and we meet weekly or biweekly to align all teams on the progress and pending action items. It is critical to ensure smooth collaboration on both sides, including your internal marketing team and scandiweb CRO team.

Alignment with Delivery team

Most CRO optimization requires new functionality to be released on your store. We prepare detailed tasks for the tech team and upon estimate confirmation, they include them into the delivery backlog.

Monthly KPIs

A monthly report will be delivered to your inbox showcasing progress and changes in the agreed upon KPIs.

Further growth & acceleration planning and execution

As soon as the first CRO results are reached, we take a holistic look at your Customer Experience journey and Traffic Acquisition activities: CX, CRO, SEO, PPC, and Content specialists gather together to discuss other opportunities to help your store earn more.

Don’t know where to start? Discover your store optimization opportunities for free

Drop us your website URL and our CRO team will get back to you within 3 days with identified CRO optimization opportunities and suggestions on the next steps you can take.
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