PPC Case Study: Up Higher! EloTouch Conversions Increase by 42%

Working with Scandiweb has been a smooth ride from the start. Beyond the extreme friendliness and enthusiasm, Scandiweb, and more specifically the PPC team, shows great reactivity and professionalism.

Daily, the PPC team accompany us on multiple PPC campaigns, always guiding us and helping us make the right decisions to reach the best possible results but also taking the time to explain to us when we are lacking knowledge. It has been terrific working with a partner who is committed as I am to our brand. I look forward to seeing where it will take us, up higher, as always.

Florence Kiss
Senior Marketing Manager, EloTouch


Elo Touch are the inventors of touchscreen technology, with 25+ million Elo displays installed in over 80 countries worldwide. Elo’s touchscreens are used as point-of-sale terminals, hospitality systems, interactive retail displays, and much more, while the company has stayed committed to quality and continued innovation.

Our partnership started as on-demand support and assistance in their Magento 2 site’s tech and strategic development (read more about it here) and evolved into an additional focus on Elo’s paid advertising efforts. After trying other external agencies, they entrusted us with managing all paid traffic channels, starting with the USA accounts, with EMEA following soon after.


EloTouch’s previous PPC strategy was insufficient at driving conversions through paid traffic channels. Because of the specific niche, the client was struggling to get qualified leads. The success was hindered due to ineffective audience targeting and flawed campaign management and strategy, which resulted in high cost per acquisition (CPA).

Objectives and expectations

The main expected outcome of the project was a carefully researched campaign setup to increase awareness and bring more qualified leads, in other words, put the brand in front of the right people.

Our main objectives for the project included the following:

  • In-depth market research
  • Understanding of the business
  • Detailed keyword and competitor research
  • Understanding and targeting relevant audience
  • Proper campaign setup and management
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Bringing more qualified leads
  • Increasing conversions, CTR
  • Decreasing bounce rate and CPA.

Our approach

The client was open to letting Scandiweb’s PPC strategists experiment with different methods regarding research, technical setup, and performance analysis to achieve the optimal result. 

In close communication with the client, we devised an approach based on:

  • Understanding their business model, goals, and needs
  • Performing market research and account restructuring
  • Developing both short-term and long-term strategy
  • Frequent and effective communication with the client
  • Targeted campaign launch
  • Looking for growth opportunities and aligning the campaigns with these findings
  • Regular revision & analysis of the account and campaign performance
  • Focus on healthy CPA and increasing the number of qualified leads.

We focused on Search, Display, Video, and Lead Generation campaigns as the main areas of improvement

The main KPIs to keep track of were:

  • Conversion rate 
  • CPA 
  • Leads 
  • Traffic.

Based on these criteria, our team consisting of a dedicated PPC account strategist & manager and an on-demand ad copywriter has worked towards turning EloTouch accounts into effective paid media channels, using Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.


As a result of our pro-active approach, EloTouch saw a significant increase in the number of leads and higher engagement from the required target audience, while the average CPA decreased. 

After 12 months of dedicated work on managing EloTouch paid accounts, the most notable improvements included:

Google Ads

  • CPA: -17.62%
  • Conversions: +41.81%
  • Conversion rate: +165.92%

Microsoft Ads

  • CPA: -68%
  • Conversions: +224%
  • Conversion rate: +150%

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