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Case study: Jaguar Online Store – How to approach an eCommerce UX Audit

Here is a case study of a recent audit our Digital Analytics department did for The purpouse of this is to show real-life examples of how UX audits can be approached for eCommerce stores.

This article is only partly representative of the particular UX audit and should not be considered as concrete suggestions, the data is filtered and only several UX aspects are taken into account.

Nevertheless, this should give you a good insight of the results that can be delivered.


  • Conversion rate increase
  • Banners CTA click through rate increase
  • Top landing pages bounce rate decrease
  • Exit rate decrease
  • Conversion funnel abandonment rate decrease


  1. Customer web-journey map creation
  2. Task scenarios creation for usability testing
  3. Usability testing based on developed scenarios (heatmaps, eye tracking, EEG snapshots)
  4. Gathered data analysis and finding common user behaviour patterns
  5. Improvement suggestion based on the audit results

Improvements are evaluated based on A/B resting results, heatmaps and Google Analytics data.Improvements are evaluated based on A/B resting results, heatmaps and Google Analytics data.


Scenarios of UX audit should be:

  • Realistic
  • Actionable
  • Avoid clues and describing the steps while preparing a task

Scenarios could be based on your website analytical data and involve intuitively going through most visited parts/most problematic parts of a website (high page views number vs. high exit rate).

Since web store that we audited was operating for a month or so and did not have large number of available products — we decided to stick with a type of product which had large amount of variations, so we could make task more specific.

Test scenario:

Find a branded F-Type leather portfolio from the new collection


Eye-tracking heatmap, user recording exampleEye-tracking heatmap, user recording example

  • User focused on the middle of the promo banner, this can be due to people tend to recognise faces.
  • User tends to look at central product column.

These points could be partially explained by a website pre-loader animation in the middle of the screen.

Suggested improvements (1):

  • Move offer text to the middle of the banner OR make it more prominent

  • Put bestselling products in the middle column vs current placement of products, since probability of a purchase goes up


  • Put most expensive products in the middle column vs current placement of products, it should create anchoring effect, so other products will seem less expensive for users.


Eye-tracking fixation points, user recording exampleEye-tracking fixation points, user recording example

While navigating to subcategory user accidentally opening near located categories instead of clicking on a subcategory

Suggested improvements (2):

  • Place subcategories right under parent category, increasing the height of the menu dropdown.


Eye-tracking opacity map, user recording exampleEye-tracking opacity map, user recording example

This recording represents opacity maps of user who is browsing the website using the navigation menu. Opacity map shows areas at which user focused his sight.

We can notice, that:

  • Area above categories is in a range of user sight while user is searching a specific category.
  • Search bar is out of users sight.

Suggested improvements (3):

  • Move search tab to the side


  • Change search tab design to make it more noticeable

All these findings are not critical for website usage, and all the hypothesis should be validated with A/B tests to measure improvement success or failure.

However all the findings were vital for improvement suggestion development and will lead to better overall user experience on the website.

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