4 reasons to use Hyvä

Affordable alternative to PWA and headless

With all the pros of headless PWA for Adobe Magento, it is a significant strategic investment. Meanwhile, Hyvä offers a clear-cut value proposition of template optimization and performance improvement on top of the classical monolith Adobe Magento at a lower cost.

Hyvä can be launched template-by-template, decreasing the initial cost

Hyvä is built within the native Adobe Magento fallback mechanism, which means that we are building a Hyvä theme in parallel with the default Luma theme, and then choosing which templates will be served by Hyvä and which by Luma. In our experience with Hyvä implementation, we usually start with the most problematic templates, e.g., product listing page, while keeping others, e.g., checkout, intact.

Low-risk, as key layouts (checkout) can be kept without changes

As Hyvä can be implemented on a single template basis, e.g., just the product listing page, all custom modules, custom pages, or business-critical components, such as checkout are kept intact. It decreases the risks with Hyvä implementation in comparison to full platforming to React, PWA, which usually requires a change of all the templates.

Developer-friendly codebase and learning curve

In contrast to React and headless, Hyvä has a much more gradual learning curve and uses a lot of the things that a traditional frontend and backend Adobe Magento developer would recognize and appreciate. In our experience, it takes a 3-day training course on Hyvä we have developed internally and 2 weeks of supervision by a Hyvä Competence Center lead to getting an experienced Adobe Magento developer to work with Hyvä successfully.

5 reasons to build Hyvä with us

Guaranteed page speed and page score improvement

Hyvä uses a decades-old proven approach to render the pages on the server-side and does it radically, thereby reducing dependencies and making the default Adobe Magento templates much lighter, so to speak. Our customers look for speed and page score increase, and we contractually commit to it, guaranteeing the advertised result.

Guaranteed increase in organic traffic

Hyvä revamps Adobe Magento templates completely, and it may have adverse effects on the ranking position of the site. Our SEO team has a methodology of technical SEO implementation and URL structure auditing during the theme change to Hyvä. It guarantees improved SEO results supported by the increased Google page score and time to load the page, even if it is a single template that is migrated to Hyvä.

We take end-to-end responsibility for the success of the change to Hyvä, be it SEO or analytics

Template change means changes not only in technical SEO but also in data collection events. We have built a GTM extension that supports data layer tracking capabilities for projects with just one or two pages running on Hyvä, otherwise, these would be lost from the usual analytics.

We started our Hyvä practice right after its release

Being active JavaScript advocates and contributors to Adobe Magento open-source with ScandiPWA built on React, we spotted the advantages of the Hyvä theme early on. Now we have a 3-day internal training program that sets our team up with Hyvä frontend concepts and project quality supervision by a Hyvä Competence Center lead.

Experience in Hyvä integration for enterprise

Enterprise has its own requirements for handling high-load, performance, security, integrations, SEO, content, data & tracking, UX as well as specific policies on deployment, hosting, and 3rd-party due diligence. We've made successful Hyvä implementations for both private and public companies with GMV in the range of $150-750M and put our learnings into succeeding projects.

Considering the Hyvä theme
and are interested in the timeline and costs?

Hyvä is something new, tell me how it works

Hyvä takes a native MVC pattern of Adobe Magento without being headless or API-driven. Instead, Hyvä takes the conventional Adobe Magento template canvas and removes heavy-weight libraries, such as RequireJS and KnockoutJS, then introduces the lightweight AlpineJS. For CSS, Hyvä uses TailwindCSS, which can reduce CSS loading amount by up to 90%.

If the above is too technical, you can think of Hyvä as a usual Magento theme, just rewritten from scratch in a different language—using much less code to create a layout—and loads much faster on mobile.

Hyvä theme does not alter any backend integrations made and requires rewriting of only the View layer, keeping all the backend customizations in the logic intact. It is also more friendly with marketplace extensions—while none of the extensions will work with Hyvä out of the box, compatibility work is much lighter than that required for PWA, React frontends.

Finally, as Hyvä is built with the traditional Adobe Magento paradigm, it uses the default theme fallback mechanism that allows a merchant to choose which templates will be handled by the classic Luma and which by Hyvä. As a result, we can keep the checkout intact with all the payment and shipping extensions working as usual, while migrating only the product listing and product detail pages to Hyvä to bring the speed and performance where it is needed most.

Brands building Hyvä with us

How do we start on a Hyvä theme project?

Hyvä delivery estimate

After the initial meeting, we plan a discovery process to analyze the current state of your eCommerce platform, see its performance metrics and Google score, then assess whether full migration or just partial migration with several templates is the best option for your business.

We also revise how the change to Hyvä will impact non-tech areas such as data & analytics, tracking pixels, PPC campaigns setup, and SEO, then we prepare an action plan for each of these areas.

Opportunity check

Optionally, we can look into opportunities to improve your eCommerce operations, including a conversion-driven redesign of several templates, SEO, enhanced data gathering and analytics, scalable hosting, PIM, or OMS.

Delivery roadmap

Once we start working, we share the project delivery roadmap across all the streams such as frontend development for Hyvä, technical SEO, data layer & analytics, and end-to-end testing.

Weekly progress reporting & demo

Every week or two, you will be invited to a demo and receive a sprint report summarizing results achieved and an update about the point where we are on the overall project roadmap.

Milestones demo

In addition to sprint demos and reports, we also plan larger milestones on the roadmap that aggregate efforts across streams into a demo build of your project.

Milestones for Hyvä delivery are usually as follows

Your Adobe Magento project is set up in a Development and Staging environment with a sanitized database, but all data structure is available

Hyvä theme is installed and is available to switch to in the admin panel. We can switch to Hyvä fully, but we will only see default data and products supported by the theme—no custom data and extensions will be visible and working

We choose one template as agreed upon during planning and implement the same design and functionality that were available in your classic Magento theme in Hyvä; implementation includes both design and functionality in case your theme had customizations or extensions

Result—we can see the difference in loading time and Google page speed for this page; next, we either move to other templates or pause work and deploy the achieved results to the live environment

We engage the SEO and data & analytics teams to make sure that the newly coded template in Hyvä still sends relevant data events to the analytics platform and technical SEO is following best practices

We move the site to the pre-live environment and run end-to-end tests, including backend integrations and regular business processes, e.g., price, stock, and product data update, making sure that the new Hyvä template is working well and handling caching correctly

UAT and pre-Go-Live simulation

The site undergoes an end-to-end UAT and pre-Go-Live simulation after all scope is delivered and tested internally.


There is usually no need for a maintenance page. Hyvä can be deployed with zero-downtime deployment on readymage.com. In case we deploy only one template, customer sessions are preserved, and they can continue to checkout without noticing anything. Meanwhile, new customers will get some pages served much faster in the Hyvä theme.

Post-go-live monitoring

Project delivery, SEO, UX, and data layer teams continue to monitor the site during the first week of the Go-Live and work in close contact with the customer to make sure that all backend processes are functioning correctly and business metrics are stable.


Further growth & acceleration planning
and execution

Engage the eCommerce growth team for the continuous improvement of your eCommerce operations and business metrics or just continue to roll out new page templates on Hyvä!


Can I use Hyvä with my Magento 1 store?

We will need to migrate you to Adobe Magento 2 first cause Hyva is compatible starting from version 2.3. We can fast-track your migration and focus on Hyva implementation as part of it, thus you do not need to migrate to classical Magneto frontend first, but can save time and money and implement Hyva right away. Check our migration service or shoot us a message to schedule a meeting!

Will I need to migrate to PWA and React later after Hyvä?

No, you do not need to, yet it can be an option to further enhance user experience on the mobile devices and ease integration of 3rd party services into the eCommerce platforms such as search, personalisation, analytics.

Is it a good idea to go with Hyvä for quick wins, e.g., for the product listing page while planning a larger upgrade or replatforming to PWA?

Yes, this is a great strategy our customers are choosing. Hyva results can be seen as fast as in one months, while larger re-design and migrations from a theme to storefront can take up to half year.

My site is slow, as I have a large database, and many websites, stores, and attributes—will Hyvä help me?

Hyva will help to load results faster both on desktop and mobile, but it will not help to resolve slow queries to database especially in conditions of mutliplied database size due to mutliple websites. Hyva may shave off few seconds from loading, but to make user experience comfortable will also suggest to look at backend operations, optimising queries, database configuration, migration to the latest MySQL and PHP - basically, engage our backend and DevOps team to resolve the situation and ensure benchmark loading time.

How much does the Hyvä theme cost?

Currently, it costs EUR 1,000 and it is one time payment per Adobe magento installation.

Will Hyvä work on both Magento Community and Adobe Commerce?

Yes, it will work on both and the theme price is the same.

Can I run Hyvä on Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Yes, we have deployed Hyva theme to Adobe Commerce Cloud and there are no issues with it.

Can you guarantee Page Score improvement with Hyvä?

Yes, we can add it to the contract. Yet, we will also revise other parts of the ecosystem e.g. connect proper CDN and optimise images in WebP format.

Can I also implement Hyvä to my new store template-by-template?

As you anyway need to develop the site frontend, it is best to develop all templates on Hyva saving time and budget rather than developing some on classic Adobe Magento theme and then some on Hyva It will be double work, but it is good for existing sites to avoid major redoing of frontend and instead taking it step-by-step.  

What about Hyvä checkout, is it good? I have heard it is in React.

If you are going to use Hyvä Checkout it will require considerable efforts to integrate payment methods and shipping partners as it is React-based and is completely headless due to GraphQL just like the PWA storefront. It works not only with Hyvä but also with Luma and PWA Studio frontends. Checkout comes as a separate module and is available for free, open-source https://hyva.io/hyva-checkout.html yet we do not recommend using it unless there is a checkout-only application requiring headless.

Will my extensions work with Hyvä?

One of the Hyvä drawbacks is that it doesn’t work with extensions out of the box. Some of the extension vendors have started to include compatibility within the module and also Hyvä offers community-sourced compatibility modules to solve the issue. The work required for the extension compatibility with Hyva is relatively small, less than PWA headless React compatibility would require.