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Ledyer B2B Payment Module for Magento (Adobe Commerce) Launched

scandiweb is happy to introduce a newly launched Magento (Adobe Commerce) B2B payment module and checkout plugin we built for Ledyer as a custom project. 

About Ledyer

Ledyer is a B2B software payment solutions platform founded in Stockholm in 2021 that helps online customers complete their purchases by supporting them through the whole process, improving transaction operations for both buyers and sellers. Ledyer offers payment solutions in the Scandinavian market. The software covers a range of payment methods and has a checkout security layer on various transactions.

As our client, Ledyer wanted to build a module to make B2B transactions more comfortable and efficient in Magento (Adobe Commerce). 

About the Ledyer B2B payment module

What is it for?

Ledyer B2B payment module is an official Magento (Adobe Commerce) extension module allowing B2B merchants to introduce frictionless payment methods in their checkout.

How does it work?

  1. The merchant adds Ledyer to their checkout and offers an invoice at checkout together with other payment options
  2. The customer chooses to pay with Ledyer with the ability to choose between invoicing methods that suit them (email invoice, e-invoice, or Kivra) with as many recipients as needed
  3. The customer receives the invoice from Ledyer in the selected format. The merchant gets paid after delivery, and the customer pays Ledyer later.

Building Ledyer B2B payment module

During the initial phase of the project, we developed a simple functional payment method for B2B solutions.

Here’s a step-by-step process of the first phase 

  1. Investigate and lay out the technical solution for the module
  2. Get a payment gateway to work on the Ledyer extension
  3. Implement the frontend side of the payment method
  4. Implement iframe on checkout and handle all the events that require for the checkout to be fully functional
  5. Begin integration with Magento (Adobe Commerce)—discounts, product updates, and session creation related to Ledyer API.

The main challenges were related to the development of the discounts and tax calculations between the two systems, which we successfully implemented according to the requirements. At first, the client’s vision of the module development itself was different from what we had envisioned as the most efficient approach, but during the development process, the project management team, along with the development team, held multiple meetings to ensure the product meets the requirements and follows the best practices.

In phase 2, we will extend the module and develop multiple additional solutions for order management.

Learn more about the Ledyer B2B payment module and other products for optimizing payments and customizing the B2B customer journey on their website.

About the Ledyer checkout plugin

Within this project, scandiweb team has also developed a checkout plugin for Ledyer. This plugin extends the default Magento (Adobe Commerce) checkout and adds a new payment method along with other payment methods available in the store. It also adds a new checkout page for the Ledyer payment module where you can only see this payment method. 

The checkout plugin uses default Magento (Adobe Commerce) components like cart totals and shipping method selector to provide the full checkout experience and then adds the Ledyer checkout iFrame for customer information and order placement functionality. Backend components that scandiweb developed for the payment module were used as base with default Magento (Adobe Commerce) components to create a new checkout page that would allow customers to use Ledyer payment method and place orders. The plugin works with Klarna checkout, and we haven’t discovered any compatibility issues with other extensions.

Currently, the checkout plugin is available on-demand by contacting Ledyer until it is published to Magento (Adobe Commerce) marketplace.

scandiweb expertise in extension maintenance extends further. We’ve also been a long-time partner of the $5bn company Riverty (prev. AfterPay), focused on post-payment solutions for thousands of webstores in Central Europe. For 8+ years, we’ve been working on their Magento 1, Magento 2, Shopware 5, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and PHP library backend, updating the official Riverty extension to make sure it works on all platforms.

Are you looking to build an extension module for Magento (Adobe Commerce) to open up new horizons for your business? Interested in extension maintenance? Let us help you! Feel free to fill out the contact form—we’ll get back to you the same or the next business day.

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