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PPC Case Study: Strategic Approach Leads to +224% Revenue During Peak Season

We just witnessed the highest registration in the last 2 years.

Christie Rugh
VP, Marketplace at Aeropost

In late October, our team encountered an unprecedented and exceptionally demanding PPC project—the most intricate undertaking over the last two years in terms of time commitment and scale. The onboarding and approval process was done within minutes due to peak season looming just two weeks ahead. This client required complete responsibility and speedy execution, and scandiweb’s PPC team took on the challenge.


Aeropost is a key player in logistics and eCommerce solutions, facilitating cross-border shopping from a wide range of international retailers for customers in Latin America and the Caribbean and handling international shipping, customs clearance, and delivery.

Objectives and expectations

The client and our team faced several challenges:

  • Tight timeline, leaving little room for a traditional onboarding approach
  • Peak season rapidly approaching, demanding a solution that addresses immediate concerns and ensures readiness for the surge in demand during this critical period
  • Difficulties achieving desired performance metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS), conversion value, and cost per acquisition (CPA), indicating a need for a more refined and optimized strategy.

Our main objectives for the project included acquiring new customers at a lower CPA, increasing sales and revenue at a higher target ROAS (tROAS), and improving target CPA (tCPA).

Main KPIs to track: 

  • New customers
  • Revenue
  • tCPA
  • tROAS

Our approach

Aeropost’s data landscape was dispersed across multiple Google Ads accounts, relying solely on search campaigns and a poor measurement structure. Furthermore, including the display network in the search campaigns ran counter to industry best practices. Inefficient bidding strategies (maximizing clicks) were also part of the issue.

The first step in our approach was establishing a robust measurement foundation by analyzing the fragmented data and consolidating it into two cohesive Google Ads accounts: Marketplaces and Courier.

Here’s a breakdown of our PPC strategy for Aeropost:

  1. Data consolidation and restructuring—unite scattered data from various Google Ads accounts, bringing cohesion to the Marketplaces and Courier segments
  2. Keyword and audience research—identify valuable high-intent keywords based on a combination of past data and our keyword research and research high-value audiences for targeting in all our campaigns
  3. Campaign setup and launch—given the urgency, launch over 100 campaigns spanning Search, Display, Demand Gen campaigns, and Performance Max (Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, Shopping)
  4. Bidding strategy optimization—focus on maximizing conversion value and tROAS for the Marketplaces account; optimize the Courier account for new customer acquisition at the lowest possible tCPA
  5. Alignment of business objectives—adjust campaigns based on Aeropost’s goals
  6. Category and geographic optimization—fine-tune ad spend in the Marketplaces account to emphasize high-value product categories, ensuring a strong tROAS; shift focus to geographic locations that yield the highest acquisition volume at the lowest CPA in the Courier account
  7. Audience segmentation and personalized messaging—leverage website audiences, customer lists, in-market, and affinity audiences to segment audiences for each campaign; tailor ad copy to resonate with specific demographics, behaviors, and interests, resulting in higher engagement and personalized messaging
  8. Video content—utilize creatives and meticulously crafted videos for video campaigns to enhance campaign performance and improve key metrics across the board.

Addressing the fragmented data, restructuring campaigns, and implementing optimized bidding strategies helped us resolve Aeropost’s immediate challenges and laid the foundation for continued success in reaching their business objectives.


After improving measurement and reworking the client’s Google Ads strategy with new accounts and campaigns, the scandiweb PPC team managed to increase sales, customers, and ROAS and lower the CPA just in time for peak season. 

YOY highlights for Marketplaces

  • +31.44% ROAS
  • +144.61% revenue

We ensured 660+ new sign-ups for the Courier account and a tCPA of $80.01. 

Data comparison for 2 months after we took over the account (Nov-Dec 2023)

  • +72.16% ROAS (3.05 vs 1.77)
  • +224.52% revenue
  • +13.01% new Courier sign-ups (660 vs 584)

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