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Reaching the Perfect Audience in the Electrical Equipment Market with Meta Ads

meta ads case study results

FB advertising works very well for us. We are all satisfied with the result. You have assembled the audience very well, and we are reaching the ones we wanted! Excellent! Thank you very much for that! Professional!

Linda Zirne
Sales And Marketing Specialist at SIA ESELO

In just three and a half weeks, we were able to assemble the right audience for ESELO’s event, “Winter Day 2024”.


Our B2B client, ESELO, is a leading European wholesaler of electrical supplies and a prominent player in the Electrical Equipment market. They represent 240 suppliers of electrical materials from all over the world who sell to electrical contractors, construction companies, manufacturers, state and municipal authorities, retailers, and shops.

scandiweb and ESELO have collaborated for over five years. ESELO has received timely website updates, UX improvements, and data tracking setups under the care of scandiweb Service Cloud.

“Winter Day” (Latvian “Ziemas diena”) is a yearly exhibition organized by ESELO for its customers. Since 2021, we have collected lead forms in the weeks leading up to the exhibition, which takes place in February. Participants visit “Winter Day” to try samples of products and solutions offered by different manufacturers of lighting equipment, automation, solar systems, installation materials, security systems, tools, cables and wires, lightning protection, and others. This year’s exhibition gathered 62 local and foreign suppliers and more than 1,800 visitors.

The scandiweb PPC team created and managed the account to manage these lead forms from the very beginning.

Goals and objectives

The primary goal of ESELO’s “Winter Day” exhibition was to identify and engage with a highly targeted audience interested in electrical supplies and solutions, aiming to reach potential customers who could establish long-term business relationships with ESELO. 

The client expected the project to achieve specific lead generation goals and identify the perfect audience, described as the “ideal customer.” They set the target for lead forms at 300-350 with a €500 budget. 

Main KPIs to track

  • Leads
  • Cost per result
  • Clicks
  • CPC 
  • CTR


We began by setting up Meta Ads and conducting thorough audience research based on interests to identify key segments that would likely be interested in ESELO’s offerings.

We structured the campaign by creating a new setup with two distinct ad sets, each targeting different interests. Segmentation enabled us to test various banners and refine our approach based on performance.

Audience testing

  • Experiments with multiple audiences, covering all potentially relevant sectors
  • Dividing audiences into two primary groups for better analysis and optimization:
    • Agriculture + Industry
    • Other categories, including specific job titles like manufacturing engineers.

Within Meta Ads, we continued to refine our strategy by testing several audiences and ad formats to identify the best-performing ones. 

A/B testing

We created three banners, keeping headlines, call-to-action buttons, and links consistent. The variations included two banners with overlapping text on the photo and one with separate text on the side. The banner with separate text on the side achieved the highest CTR.

Assets by performance

case study meta ads ad asset eselo 1
109 registrations with a 2.56% CTR
case study meta ads ad asset eselo 2
220 registrations with a 2.61% CTR
case study meta ads ad asset eselo 3
Best-performing banner with a 3.24% CTR


Comparing the results from the previous years, we observed improvements in lead generation efficiency for ESELO’s “Winter Day” exhibition.

In 2024, we gathered 576 leads (572 in 2023) while reducing the budget from €550 to €500. We hit the target of 300 leads way before the deadline!

Cost per lead

  • €0.96, with a range from €0.74 to €1.87 (2023)
  • €0.82, with a range from €0.81 to €0.92 (2024)

The goal of maximizing the collection of lead forms from a well-defined and relevant audience was reached, fostering ESELO’s opportunities for long-term business relationships.

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