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PPC Case Study: Targeted Ads Bring Relevant Traffic and +731% in Revenue


Digilent is part of National Instruments (NI) companies and a world leader in research technology solutions, providing customizable hardware and software for engineers, researchers, and scientists since 2000.

They switched to scandiweb after working with another Marketing agency because of our holistic approach that combines PPC with SEO, CRO, and technological support and our approach to result-driven campaigns.

scandiweb also provides proactive support to Digilent’s BigCommerce store, and our optimization efforts have led to site-wide improvements. 

Objectives and expectations

For PPC campaign management, the client’s pain points were related to paid traffic measurement, identifying KPIs, and traffic relevance.

The main expected outcome was to refine Digilent’s product offerings to software-based test instruments and expand their audience into more of a professional engineer crowd.

Right away, our team saw the potential for increasing ROAS, and it remained our primary objective. The main KPIs to track were conversions and ROAS.

Based on these criteria, our PPC team worked towards improving Digilent’s ad performance using Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Our approach

At the beginning of the project, the scandiweb PPC team created new campaigns in Google Ads and expanded to Bing Ads after ROAS significantly improved.

We built well-structured campaigns for Google Search Ads and performed a lot of business-related keyword tests intending to increase overall non-brand and brand click-through rate (CTR) and clean up the traffic coming to the page. 

After successfully running newly launched campaigns on Google Search, we expanded to Performance Max and Shopping campaigns to grow the account. Testing remained a priority as we experimented with campaign structure, bidding strategies, audience, device tests, and restructuring until we found the best campaign structure. 


We compared 3-month data before we took over the account to the same three months this year. Data Jun—Aug, 2022 for non-brand search campaigns was 2.71% CTR, 0.33% conversion rate, and 0.45 ROAS. 

Search campaign non-brand data for Jun—Aug, 2023 after scandiweb’s PPC management

  • 21.72% CTR
  • 2.02% conversion rate
  • 2.45 ROAS

Campaign testing resulted in the overall non-brand and brand CTR increase of 940%, the conversion rate increased by 736%, and ROAS increased by 1280%.

Overall improvements for all campaigns

  • +683% number of items purchased from ads
  • +731% revenue from ads
  • 4.41 ROAS

scandiweb has been working towards increasing ROAS for Digilent since day one, and after working with the account for almost a year, we see ROAS with a value of 4 or higher monthly.

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